KPROPHF is an SAP Table used to store KPRO: Files of physical information objects information. Below is the documentation, technical details of each fields. The SAP Knowledge Provider (KPro) is a component, which is integrated into the SAP base for the management of objects with document-like. This presentation, or any related document and SAP’s strategy and possible future developments, products and or . KPRO & Archive Link ABAP Infrastructure.

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Document Management in SAP – KPRO, Archivelink and Content Server.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email pkro will not be published. SAP solution to store documents more effectively than basic file management system.

Files of Kproo Information Objects. PE – Training and Event Management. March – Stop wasting your time reading through forum posts, become a premium member today and get instant access! Attributes of physical information objects. Thanks for you valuable help.


Finally, we’re looking to use a third party Document management system to store most of the content.

Document Management in SAP – KPRO, Archivelink and Content Server.

Use the fields provided for this purpose. Incoming Relationships of Physical Info Objects.

Instances of Physical Information Objects. Incoming Relationships of Logical Info Objects. Double-clicking on an error message in the list displays the entries for this message in the lower area. Usage of Target Documents in Physical Objects. Archived discussions are read-only.

KPROPHF SAP KPRO: Files of physical information objects Table – ABAP

Inbound Relationships of Physical Info Objects. Any of the solution above more adapted to third party integration? My understanding of the main components for Document management are the following: Outbound Relationships of Physical Info Objects.

Helpful Answer by Kolusu Suresh Kumar.

When he has a spare moment aside from work and renovating his house, he enjoys reading and playing soccer. Manage different version of the same document. The system displays dap list of errors for the filter criteria entered. Can be crawled by search engine such as TREX.


Status table for indexing documents. You can display the detail message by double-clicking on an entry.

download KPro to local disk

SAP Tables by Functional area. Additionally to this, if you have users on site A who also want to view the files you should add a cache server there can be installed together with a content server.

Former Member replied June 06, at This question is answered. The content server would be located at site B in your scenario – allowing for fast checkin and checkout capabilities. This blog article describes how to get to kppro error message quickly and easily.

Status Table for Indexing Documents. Former Member November 25, at Outbound Logical Information Objects. PT – Personnel Time Management.