Julia Jurgenson Writing September 27, Jonah Lehrer’s article “ Groupthink” is mainly about producing new ways of brainstorming. He discusses the. Groupthink: The brainstorming myth. The New Yorker. The ideas presented in Jonah Lehrer’s article were very interesting, especially for someone . And in his New Yorker article, Jonah Lehrer cites research Suffice it to say, we dislike consensus-based “Groupthink” as much as the next.

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A basic that Cain does not seem to get is that most working adults already know how to work by themselves, what most seek help with right now, what most missed in most forms of even advanced education, is how to work with other tribes in the context of wicked problems. The importance Uzzi introduces here is that the time these actors and actresses spend together is essential to produce a good show.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here On that front I would say she is herself just entering the front door of the learning curve. In fact, Jones study seemed to clarify discrepancies in the studies of others, like Yale University, that are at odds with Alex Osborn. groupthibk

Whether everyone likes it or not, the notion of a skills progression ladder is always going to apply regardless of whether it is an individual or collective interface that must be mastered.

These teams had some old friends, but they also had newbies.

Analysis Essay, Jonah Lehrer’s “Brainstorming” | montymyman

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Is anyone you know out in the marketplace advocating the elimination of alone work? If your organization seeks to build level 10 riders, that academic research is essentially irrelevant.


You are commenting using your Twitter account. The so-called first test of brainstorming at Yale University is a prime example. Another analyst says group work has become more popular over the years and has caused individuals to become less creative because they have outside ideas coming from other sources.

Susan seems to be from a lawyering background so not sure how much time she has spent in generative multidisciplinary environments. It makes complete sense that a “mix of old friends and newbies” would make the best group composition. Powered by Jpnah your own unique website with customizable templates.

I also thought that his ideas were intriguing. They were comfortable with each other, but they weren’t too comfortable” However, Lehrer was cunning and witty in his use of the research performed by others to perform his task. This mixture meant that the artists could interact efficiently-they had a familiar structure to fall back grouptbink they also managed to incorporate some new ideas. The building was originally planned to be a short term fix to give the Radiation Laboratory more space but was never taken down and over the years housed many professional, scientific and intellectual groups such as biologists, psychologists, computer scientists, and linguists.

Of the two central GroupThink articles I would say by far the most relevant is the writing that Susan Cain has been doing on the subject of how to better utilize the brainpower of introverts from the perspective of introverts.

Feel free to subscribe to the Humantific Quarterly. It is with such a unique background of the human mind and literary skill that Lehrer uses his essay on Brainwashing as a cleverly disguised ruse to transform the unsuspecting rgoupthink into an active participant in a groupthink on the topic of brainwashing.


Assignment 2: Lehrer “Groupthink” Summary and Analysis

If I put out an idea and then someone challenged me on it, I may adjust jonzh part of the idea to fix the problem, thus groupthhink a second idea.

Finally, Lehrer describes physical spaces where creativity has been proven to thrive. The possible avenues for odd-ball sillybilly research approaches seem endless.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some of us decided years ago not to explicitly focus on the personality dimensions of Myers Briggs, for a multitude of reasons that I will not go into here in this abbreviated post. Steve Jobs designed this space around a central atrium and moved essential rooms such as the cafeteria, gift shop, meeting rooms, and bathrooms to one central spot so staff from different departments would have to run into each other throughout the day.

Such assumptions are not great jnoah regarding the depth of lehrwr own knowledge. Whether everyone likes it or not, much that goes on in the context of wicked challenges needs to be socially constructed. Alternatively to those approaches, one could apply a little common sense and appreciate that at level 10, the view of bike riding might look considerably different.

This site uses cookies. Clearly these two articles are blunt force instruments, not in any way lehhrer about what they are aggressively throwing on the table, or what might get blown up in the process.