gnugk [-hdrt] [-c filename] [-s section] [-l n] [-b n] [-u name] [-d name] [-rr] [-o filename] [–pid filename] [–core A detailed explanation can be found in the manual. /etc/default/gnugk /etc/ /etc/init.d/gnugk /usr/sbin/addpasswd /usr/ sbin/gnugk /usr/share/doc-base/gnugk-manual /usr/share/doc/gnugk/changelog. Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) is a C++ multi-platform, multi-protocol OpenH This project has been superseded by OpalVoip Rocket.

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Endpoints in a call will be unregistered as soon as they end the gugk. You can find the list archive here. This allows the assigning of aliases to endpoints as they register, allowing them to set their fully qualified E. Versionv Show the version and OS information of the gatekeeper. You may have multiple gatekeepers for a specific prefix.

You can use this command to route calls to out-of-zone gateways or MCUs not registered with the gatekeeper. Print the saved status port events in the event backlog. Ongoing calls remain active, endpoints that are in a call remain registered.

GNU Gatekeeper – Manual Chapter 1

For security reasons the GUI must be run as a standalone application or served by a web server on the same IP number as the gatekeeper you cannot run it as an applet via a local file. Access to the status port is restricted by the rules in GkStatus:: General user questions should be sent to the mailing list.


The very latest source code is in the git repository. If using PacPhone you can also add wildcards for the client to use so the clients HID and password can mahual used to directly access their account information. The endpoint is then advised in the GCF to register with that gatekeeper. Print lots of detailed information about a single call, eg.

This is the default output level. Statisticss Show the statistics information of the gatekeeper. This GUI works with Java 1.

Request for an external application to route an incoming call on a virtual queue. Interfacing external extensions If you don’t want to publish the source code to additional features, just publish the core functionality and interface to it through the status interface and keep the external part private.

GNU Gatekeeper – Manual Chapter 7

There is an additional switch to only print RCF events for previously unregistered endpoints and supress the refereh RCFs: Reset the statistics counters for total calls, successful calls, neighbor calls and parent calls to zero. Generate a new call from source to destination alias. The CallID parameter is optional; if it is given it has to be the same format as signaled by RouteRequest.

These parameters are defined: Please join the mailing list before posting.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual

To disable this feature and unregister endpoints immediately after TimeToLive timeoutset this variable to 0. A gateway can register its prefixes with the gatekeeper by sending supportedPrefixes in the terminalType field of the RRQ.


This section configures GnuGk to read the assigned Languages from a database. Route this call on a virtual queue to the specified alias. A PDF version can be found in the download section. Write manuzl config value parameter in a section. As additional parameter you can set the CLI for the caling party. Otherwise, subsequent calls will be sent to gateways in round-robin fashion.

The GNU Gatekeeper Manual Chapter 13

Forcefully unregister all registered endpoints. UnregisterAlias URQ Filtering control is performed using the following set of commands:. AssignedAlias] This allows the assigning of aliases to endpoints as they register, allowing them to set their fully qualified E. Highly Experimental Use the common database configuration options to define your database connection for this module. Otherwise a status port application won’t know if a Setup message has been sent but that the call is not yet established.

SQL has been configured, apply assignments to gateway registrations default. If that’s not what you want, you must interface to the gatekeeper through the status port and communicate with it via TCP. You can also specify an IP number as destination. You can optionally set the IP of an alternate gatekeeper where registered endpoints will be directed to.