How to Read Donald Duck is a book-length essay by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart .. Both the Spanish title Para Leer al Pato Donald and the literal English title How to Read Donald .. 41–45; ^ Jump up to: McClennen ( ), p. by Ariel Dorfman First published Sort by. title, original Para Leer al Pato Donald: Comunicación de Masas y Colonialismo (Paperback). Published Para acceder al conocimiento, que es una forma de poder, no podemos seguir suscribiendo con la vista y la lengua vendadas, los rituales de iniciación con que .

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Donald’s antics are depicted as innocent fun.

Para leer al Pato Donald

He decided to serve the cause by becoming one of its writers and culture workers. It excites the imagination of the readers, convincing them that there is an international conspiracy aimed at subjugating them. But the poverty of the latter is attributed to the ignorance of the barbarians who inhabit them. The stories of Donald Duck, Lone Ranger, and Superman could not be the only sources of the human tendency to stereotype, to envy, and to dominate others.

It has influenced intellectuals in both Latin America and the world at large. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

These stories tend to be among the tamer ones in his canon of works. As declared by the writers within it, they had no intention to use the “false solemnity” which was then associated with scientific investigation. Retrieved from ” https: Leef Dorfman and Mattelart were affiliated with the government of Salvador Allende, and were committed to its cause and its success. But it was also written as a manifesto. How to Read Donald Duck was reportedly a pioneering work in research on the topic of The Walt Disney Companyits products, and other form of mass culture intended for an audience of children.


This allowed Chilean media owned by opposition forces, to big press agencies, and to transnational cultural industries to freely express their point of view.

They wanted to protect Chile from “the enemy of class structure”. It also explored the political implications of the Theatre of the Absurd.

How to Read Donald Duck – Wikipedia

Mattelart argues that his book can be read as an extension of Mythologies. Consumption replaces production as the focus of interest. He viewed it as a current legitimation strategy of world hegemony. Andrae notes that the writers seem to have identified commodity fetishism in Barks’ works.

Further studies and published works have considered the relations between the Disney Company as a corporation, the world economythe imagination of children, consumer culture, and mass marketing.

Para leer al Pato Donald is a book-length essay by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart that critiques Disney comics from a Marxist point of view as being vehicles for American cultural imperialism. It sees the Disney comics and their characters as a cultural product and icons, which represent and symbolize a particular vision of the world and a way of life. He did find the youthful rebellion to be inspiring, but he a, critical of its apparent distance from the immediate struggles of the working class.


The Empire’s Old Lara by Dorfman is in part a continuation of How to Read Donald Duckwith Dorfman turning his criticism to other fictional characters and to the reinforcement of capitalist ideology through their stories. How to Read Donald Duck was written in the context of Chile’s ongoing cultural revolution. In retrospect, Allende’s rule of Chile was a rather short-lived revolutionary period for the country.

Para leer al pato Donald. Comunicación de masas y colonialismo

His criticisms tend to be critical and constructive. Tanner Mirrlees, a writer on the topics of cultural imperialism and cultural globalizationplaces How to Read Donald Duck within its historical context.

The global situation to which Berger referred to was not, however, unique to the Disney comics. Dorfman would later have to reassess several of his early notions.

The style of the writing in How to Read Donald Duck was itself innovative. Donald Duck is frequently depicted as bored with his life and mattelrt of his next adventure.

The media of Chile were in many ways under American influence. An audience indoctrinated into accepting the social ideologies associated with capitalism and neoliberalism.