Switches the band, or seek tuning or manual tuning while in the radio mode. [ISR] button I MODEL DBMP clarion~ 12V 8 GROUND AM kHz/FM. Owner’s manual Mode d’emploi Manual de instrucciones DBMP AM/FM CD/ MP3 PLAYER DBMP RADIO AM/FM-LECTEUR CD/MP3 RADIO DE AM/FM. User manual for the device Clarion DBMP. Online user manual database.

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DBMP xxx-xxxx-xx 7 English 6. Removing the DCP 1. Do not let the battery side manua touch other metal parts. When a circuit on PWB has failure, please repair it. Follow the corrective measures and remove the fault. Every time the [BND] button is pressed, the display will change as: Compact disc is dirty. Each time the button is pressed, scan play turns on or off.

Press and hold the button for 1 second or longer manusl turn off the power.

Clarion DB345MP Owner’s Manual

With this function, a specific radio station can be recalled from any mode. The unit automatically remembers its last operation mode and will automatically switch to display that mode. Posted on Nov 09, Be the first to answer.


No limitation Folder Support: The displayed item can be scrolled by pressing the CH6 button if the number of character is more than 8.

Clarion DB345MP Service Manual

ERROR 3 This error display indicates that the pickup focus is off because of a scratched disc or some other factor during source unit play. Page 10 Illumination dimmer function When the illumination line of this unit is con- nected with the car-side illumination signal mznual, the display illumination of this unit dims in con- nection with turning on the car-side illumination.

DBMP xxx-xxxx-xx 9 English 8. If No sound is produced. If you drain the car’s battery too far, you may not be able to start the engine and this can reduce the service life of the battery.

Brancher la terre du chassis du vehicule. Insert a CD into the center of the CD insertion slot with the labeled side facing up. Some noise may occur depending mnaual the type of encoder software used while recording.

Si el fusible se quema, revise las conexiones. Error Displays Follow the corrective measures and remove the fault.


The illumination and display on the unit light up. Connectez Ie til de mise sous tension de l’antenne electrique.


This function enables you dg345mp search for a folder on the MP3 CD. Ne ouvrir Ie coffret II n’y a pas de pieces reparables l’uI’interieur de! Adjustment screen saver function on, the operation display range: Cutting chassis wire leads voids the warranty.

Compact disc is heavily Re Summary of the content on the page No. If moisture forms on the optical parts of the player, do not use the player for about one hour and the condensation will disappear naturally to allow normal operatIon. Utiliser les vis fournles pour rinstallation.

Error displays, Error 2, Error 3 error 6 | Clarion DBMP User Manual | Page 19 / 20

Sound is bad directly after power is turned on. This unit uses a precision mechanism. Using batteries improperly can cause them to explode.

Plays the first track.