Contagious: A Novel (The Infected) [Scott Sigler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic. Alien invaders threaten humanity in Sigler’s over-the-top thriller, the sequel to Infected. In the near future, U.S. president John Gutierrez goes. From the acclaimed author of Infected comes an epic and exhilarating story of humanity’s secret battle against a horrific enemy. Across America.

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Contagious doubled down on the bad elements and disposed of the good.

In a previous podcast, Sigler has mentioned that he has plot “advisors” including members of the U. Currently I’m listening to Nocturnal on my iPod. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After the explosive contagjous, there’s a terse epilogue. Standing against this unimaginable threat is a small group, assembled under the strictest secrecy.

The only possible explanation: Developers constantly update and improve. With stars from the big screen to real contxgious investigations, from dark music and movie reviews to real life accounts of horror, possession and UFO abduction, the ZLP invites you into the world of entertainment only Eddie Rotten can provide.

The are all part of cute little Chelsea’s plans for a brighter tomorrow! I stumbled across a paperback that a co-worker promised was an example of Chuck tackling sci-fi. Chelsea’s abilities continue to grow, much to the chagrin of her mother and father. The luckiest of these fans will also have their character die a horrific and untimely death as the novel progresses. Dec 03, Matt rated it liked it.


It is the second book in the Infected Trilogy. This is not the only struggle as there is a fight between saving the lives of the individuals who are infected and trying to preserve the modified triangles emerging out on infected individuals, around the country. While the story was good, Scott Sigler lacks the skill to narrate his book.

Bad Astronomy

Standing against this unimaginable threat is a small group, assembled under the strictest secrecy. Betty and Unkie Donny head home. Sigler is a master at breathing life into his characters, and the “bad guy” here is one of the creepiest, most well-designed, that you’ll ever meet on the page or screen.

Really lets you get to know some of the characters, but without over doing it. This guy had an ok idea and decided to write a novel about it. Imagine each time you tie contagiosu shoes, you have to clip off a little bit of that plastic part to get contagiouus to go through the lace holes.

Picture the little plastic bits on the end of your shoelaces. Standing against this unimaginable threat is a small group, assembled under the strictest secrecy. It is about triangles that embed themselves under the skin of unsuspecting human hosts, grow, and pop out killing the host, of course as ugly little creatures that are intent upon building a gateway of sorts for others from their planet to come.


Chelsea talks to her Daddy about meeting Jesus, and to her Mommy about the things that need to be done. This one was the same. How about General Ogden? Fine follow up to my first SS experience, “Infected”. Contagious has a broader scope than Infected, and is a more satisfying read because of it. Aliens, Triangles, and tactical nukes.

Contagious (novel) – Wikipedia

So I wouldn’t mind reading couple more books by him, actually I already started searching for one of his book to be my next read. The human race fights back, yet after every battle the disease responds, adapts, using sophisticated strategies and brilliant ruses to fool its pursuers.

I felt that this novel was sigle as gory or shocking as the first novel in the series but it was more scientific and technical in explaining what was occurring.

I also didn’t care for the way one character, the only lead female character in the story, behaved at times, as though Sigler believes women will have difficulty seeing the sjgler picture,’ or doing what is necessary under extreme circumstances. Dew exercises questionable judgement when he teaches Perry how to shoot.