Philippics, 1. Cicero translated by C. D. Yonge. «About This Work | Cic. Phil. 1 | Cic. Phil. 2 | About This Work». 1I. Before, O conscript fathers, I say those things. Cicero (Marcus Tullius, –43 BCE), Roman advocate, orator, politician, poet, and philosopher, about whom we know more than we do of any other Roman. Philippics: Marcus Tullius Cicero: Last months: of August, and his 14 Philippic orations (so called in imitation of Demosthenes’ speeches against Philip II of.

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Some did not know how to contrive it, some cicdro not courage for it, some had no opportunity,—every one had the inclination. Choose a day; select some one to inaugurate you; we are colleagues; no one will refuse. He even asked why I had returned so suddenly from my expedition. But while alive, I know this, for I always supported Deiotarus, who was cicro a distance, he never said that anything which we were asking for, for him, appeared just to him.

Cicero, Philippics

Search the Perseus Catalog for: When OctavianCaesar’s adopted son and heir, arrived in Italy in April, Cicero formed a plan to play him against Antony.

Were any immunities granted? I suppose you said that he was absent when the prosecution was instituted against him; that the cause was decided without his having been heard in his defence; that there was not by a law any judicial proceeding established with reference to gambling; that he had been put down by violence or by arms; or lastly, as was said in the case of your uncle, that the tribunal had been bribed with money.


But you did not do so, nor, if you had wished it, would Caius Curio have ever suffered you to do so. That house could no longer endure your wickedness. Although that inquiry into the death of Publius Clodius was not instituted with any great wisdom.

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Everything, in short, which we have seen since that time, and what misfortune is there that we have not seen? Dare to say that you went to your own father before you came to me. But if those words have any meaning, then I, an augur, demand of my colleague to know what that meaning is. I am pointing out the defects; away with them!

Moreover, how likely it is, that among such a number of men, some obscure, some young men who had not the wit to conceal any one, my name could possibly have escaped notice! Let him employ arms, if it is necessary, as he says it is, for his own defence: Whose name was there which was not at once made ciecro

In exchange for amnesty for the assassins, he arranged for the Senate to agree that it would not proclaim Caesar to be a tyrant, an action that allowed Caesar’s supporters, known as the Caesarian faction, to remain a lawful force. In the battle in Spain he even received a wound.

Therefore, to-day I will make him understand with what great kindness he was then treated by me. After the victory over Mark Antony, in the last speech he still warns against a too prompt eagerness for peace. He did everything which the senate had laboured to prevent, as being impossible to be done consistently with cicerp safety of the phhilippics.


Are you waiting for me to prick you more? From thence he made a journey to Alexandria, in defiance of the authority of the senate, and against the interests of the republic, and in spite of religious obstacles; but he had Gabinius for his leader, with whom whatever he did was sure to be right.

Philippicae – Wikipedia

But mark now the trifling character of the fellow. In public transactions nothing is more authoritative than law; in private affairs the most valid of all deeds is a will. What alarm was yours on that memorable day! However, remark the stupidity of this fellow,—I should rather say, of this brute philipplcs.

From the third hour there was one scene of drinking, gambling, and vomiting.

Therefore, I will now proceed again with my oration. And yet you are a little to be blamed for your failure in that instance, too. Oh how splendid was that eloquence of yours, when you harangued the people stark naked! Of his poetry, some is original, some translated from the Greek. What I am more afraid of is lest, being ignorant of the true path to glory, you should think it glorious for you to have more power by yourself than all the rest of the people put together, and lest you should prefer being feared by your fellow-citizens to being loved philipipcs them.