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Self-healing is an individual process. This is something that God wants because he has defined us as his children. It is not true.

You can reach the point where you don’t get ill, don’t age and even don’t die. Here in Italy a workshop of that kind has just been concluded. This case was significant also for other people because many people have begun to believe in the possibilities of such mental management.

This is the mission, knowledge and possibilities that we transmit to people. I’ve tried these technologies first on myself. It has a been a joyful journey because it has brought me many days of joy and happiness.

If you give a possibility to others to be healthy, happy and conscious you’ll get at the same time the same happiness, health and superior knowledge of the cosmos. The Tree of Life is first of all a new system of thoughts for life and a new life reality that affirms itself through the teaching here on Earth.


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Clairvoyance, on the other side, helps to change a negative course of events into a positive one. In fact, thanks to the technologies of the teaching, surgically removed organs can be regenerated.

If somebody is not clairvoyant, different events can occur, good and bad. Thus everything depends on the accumulated experience. I’ve tried them personally. It a new perspective, perception of the world that gives a possibility to be at the same level of God. I’ve suffered from a number eptrov diseases but thanks to what I was able to do with the help of my technologies, time after time I’ve defeated all the illnesses. There are interesting cases, for example, in Italy. My name is Arkadij Petrov and I’m a Russian scholar and a writer.

Many people perceive the Tree of Life teachings as a series of technologies. Last year when I came to Italy a person on a wheelchair suddenly stood up, a child whose tympanum had been removed was able to hear once again. One needs effort and dedication. I’ve changed and I’ve transformed myself thanks to the work done. And it was not the only case in Ptrov.

The teaching is spreading also in Europe. In Europe I’m known as the author of the Tree of Life teaching. Home Arakdij we are Back Arkadij Petrov.

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This case was also observed by medical experts and their verdict was positive, the regeneration had taken place. That’s why people need clairvoyance in order to manager the events and not be managed by the events.


This possibility is clairvoyance. It doesn’t happen in the same way for everyone because everyone is a world by themselves and a very complex system.

You should never leave incomplete something you’ve already begun doing, more so if it is something good. I’ve become a person, so to speak, less similar to others. Petriv sort of work has offered me a very interesting path. There are approximately European regional centers where the Tree of Life teaching is being transmitted.

Some people can heal themselves immediately, some need a month o two.

It is not a simple journey. That is why we teach people to work with these technologies. Everybody who makes this choice is giving to himself and also to others. The doctors that were present at the course have confirmed surprised that pefrov tympanum was regenerated. Learn to believe in yourself is the main aim of our lessons, where we teach people how to manage biophysical and biochemical processes of their organism.