Again, we appreciate your selection of an Airtronics Radio Control System and wish you many hours of flying enjoyment. RD Transmitter Specifications. AIRTRONICS. RD Radio System. Operating Manual. INTIMES no! Airplane Thank you for selecting the Airtronic RD Radio System. In deigning the. download airtronics rd manual. I need a owners manual for an Airtronics RD radio (not the super).. I found one here, but it’s $

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Used for flying wings. Then scroll down to the TH Fail Safe screen.

Airtronics RD manual – RCU Forums

This is a private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller. The connectors are rugged but should be handled with care. Reverse for all other channels are done the same way. Be careful to line the battery charging port pins when replacing the back cover. At this point your objective is to get the system operating on your workbench. Note that the display changed to Exponential 2. Add to watch list. Note that you must be using a gyro that offers remote sensitivity adjustment.

Now both ailerons respond identically to the CROW command. Can be reset to zero. Differential refers to the ratio of up-to-down movement of each aileron.

I will have completed a successful radio equipment ground range check before the first flight of a new or repaired model. NAM Rdd You can use up to 3 characters to name rr model. Any other modifications made to the transmitter other than adjusting stick tension will void any and all warranties covered be Airtronics Inc.

  DECRETO 4282 DE 2007 PDF

A negative value will speed up the response and it will make the stick movement more sensitive around the neutral position.

Once you have verified that both the Master and the Trainer transmitters will control the model when the spring loaded switch in the appropriate position you are ready to start training.

This time will give an excellent indication of how many hours of actual use you RD transmitter has accrued. The default settings for RV. Page 26 On the previous screen, the destination has been set to Model 3. This is a valuable option as most sailplanes will need a change in pitch trim when ever flaps are deployed. By moving the elevator stick up and down, you will see the LCD arrow change according to the direction you are moving the stick. However, all of the other channels are set in the same way.

The second number indicates the destination of the model being copied. Your elevator servo will go to the fail airtronic position that you previously programmed.

Ed is not necessary for the student to hold the trainer switch on the Trainer transmitter. To make the tension adjustment use a small phillips type screwdriver to turn the adjustment screws. Page 28 CLK CLICK The RD Super transmitter normally is set to emit an audio tone when ever the programming keys are pressed, when values are changed and when the stop watch function is started, stopped airrtonics reaches the final ten seconds of count-down.



As shown on screen below to indicate the model type has been changed to AERO from model 2. This means that the downwards-deflecting aileron will move half as much as does the upward-deflecting aileron. REV Reverse Reverses the servo operating direction. The Elevator ball joint is located in 60000 front.


Note that the rudder servo will still respond to rudder stick movement as well as with aileron stick movement. EXP Exponential Changes the linear movement of the servo to the relation of the stick movement. The 1 and 3 screws adjust the tension for the vertical motion of each stick. Be carfull not to damage the plastic transmitter case. Basic must be airtrohics OFF before this feature will operate see page When the instructor is ready to begin training, he presses and holds the spring loaded switch on his transmitter which transfers control to the student.

The following will be on how to change flight mode 1 and 2 switch locations. The switch positions for Exponential 1 and Exponential 2 correspond to the Dual Rate switch positions of Elevator and Aileron.