Contents Page Manavaala Mamunigal’s Services to Srivaishnavism 1 Preface to Arthi Prabandham 4 Thaniyans 6 Paasurams 7 Nigamanam 62 ManavALa. It is our pleasure to announce the launching of the “web” release of Arthi Prabandham with Commentary by the Revered Sri Sri Thirumalai. Aarthi prabandham is making us drown in Ramanuja Bakthi, I also heard. that there is a misconception that it was done by Swami Manavala.

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Keep reminding yourself of the holy name of Ramanuja. By meditating upon our teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai who is an embodiment of spotless knowledge and possesses divine, auspicious qualitieswe become eligible recipients to the grace of Ramanuja.

It is aarrhi to Ramanuja and none else even to Lord Ranganatha. Kindly let me know when I will be received at your Holy feet.

Though neem leaf has a bitter taste, people consume it along with food prabbandham medicinal reasons. He finds fault with Ramanuja in every role like father etc for his lapses. Mahalakshmi in the throne of paramapadham along with the bliss the celestials and Nithya Mukthars enjoy in His company. People who have no such attributes are dependent only on your grace, Oh Ramanuja.

Arthi Prabandham

I appear to be suffering as prabnadham result of all the three kinds of sins. I am yet to fulfil the candidational requirements to deserve a place in paramapadham. Even though I am the author of all evil things and have no good act to my credit, you have promised Moksha.


I am yet to overcome the longing I have for materialistic things in this world. Maamunigal following the same foot prints elevates Ramanuja like wise in this stanza. An echo of the same is expressed in this stanza with the difference of Ramanuja setting substituted.

There is no direct reference to Ethiraja. My sins are in abundance.

Even though I am destined to enjoy your virtues, I wasted my lifetime otherwise. Pillai Lockacharya explains Her role in several ways. Though I keep verbally saying that I have surrendered to the lotus feet of Ramanuja all the time, I have not been able to actually develop deep devotion and love towards him.

Help me to attain Moksha. Arthi Prabandham — Pasuram Translations. As you only know about them, I beseech your grace to free me from this human bondage and enable me to attain Moksha.

Sri Manavaala Mamunigal

Annangaraachariyaar Swamy, who was a great authority, refutes this theory. Oh Ramanuja, like a metal plated with impurities, I my body have has assimilated bad and forbidden habits. There is a misconception that Maamunigal composed this prabandham in his last days when he fell ill. We learnt the Rahasya granthas of our preceptors and spent our time delivering discourses on them.


The jivatmas have lived ever since the time of Lord — who Himself has been around through the cycles of creation, sustenance and dissolution. However, he is pained when his material body, with all its earthly afflictions, is preventing him from sustaining this devotion to Ramanuja. Even with such conviction the Lord would not tolerate my sins which are of such unimaginable magnitude. Please let me know when will I give up this material world and attain your divine abode.

Sri Mudaliandan Swami Thirumaligai

Prbandham there another person like me in this whole universe who keeps committing the kind of mistakes I do? This one stanza gives us a glimpse of the greatness and unique features of this memorable work. This process is continuing even today.

Those who worship the rpabandham of the people who have managed to avoid the company of such non-believers will be exalted to a status equivalent to that of the celestials. However I have given some by way of illustration It is a great task which I realise that I am not well equipped.