View and Download Polaris Magnum owner’s manual supplement online. Offroad Vehicle Polaris Sportsman HO International Owner’s Manual. Atv polaris sportsman / efi / x2 efi ( pages). Offroad Vehicle Polaris Magnum Owner’s Manual Supplement. Atv (5 pages). PN IMPORTANT: This is a supplement to your owner’s manual. This information should remain with your owner’s manual at.

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When the engine is idling, move the lever to the desired gear. Wear eye protection and leather work gloves. Radiator Coolant Radiator Coolant To ensure that the coolant maintains its ability to protect the engine, Polaris recommends that you drain the system completely every two years and add a fresh mixture of manua, and water.

Always check for obstacles before operating in a new area. Safety You should review this information on a regular basis. Page 68 if equipped Transmission oil Engine breather filter if equipped Perform these procedures more often for vehicles subjected to 050 use. Always exercise extreme caution whenever handling gasoline. A Polaris ATV is not a toy and can be hazardous to operate. Troubleshooting Dry out the PVT. Boots Helmet Wearing a helmet sportsma prevent a severe head injury.

Page Battery Battery Charging Sealed Battery Always verify battery condition before and hours after the end of charging. Position the vehicle on a level surface outdoors or in zportsman well-venti- lated area. Read this manual carefully. Treat the fuel system with Polaris Carbon Clean.


Gear Indicator – This The safety alert symbol indicates a potential personal oqners hazard. What a step backwards. Headlight and taillight lenses become dirty during normal operation.

Never operate the ATV with a spongy-feeling brake lever.

1996 – 2004 Polaris 400 500 Sportsman ATV Online Service Manual

The starter interlock will prevent the engine from starting if the transmission is in gear and the brake is not engaged. Follow the instructions on the container. SportsmanSportsman h. Failure to heed the warnings and safety precautions contained in this manual can result in severe injury or death. Squeeze and release the brake lever two or three times, then squeeze and hold. Maintenance Inspect, clean, lubricate, adjust and replace parts as necessary.

Manufacturer Part Number Wash the pre-filter in soapy water, then rinse and let dry. Poor Visibility Operating the ATV in darkness or inclement weather could result in a collision or accident, especially if operating on a road or street.

Polaris Sportsman 500 Offroad Vehicle User Manual

Enter the diagnostic mode. If this occurs, take the ATV to your Polaris dealer for proper diagno- sis. Disconnect the battery hold-down strap.

Find out where the designated riding areas are by con- tacting your Polaris dealer, a local riding club or local officials. Avoid operating the ATV through deep or fast-flowing water.

Lock the parking brake. Position the vehicle on a level surface. Telephone We, Polaris Industries Inc. Table Of Contents Troubleshooting Slow down when entering slippery areas. Follow the adjustment procedures exactly, or see your Polaris dealer for service. Check the oil level on the dipstick.



Lights High Beam Adjustment The headlight beam can be adjusted slightly upward or ownere. Get it here FREE if you don’t have, it also included o Also shop in Also shop in. Battery Battery Installation Using a new battery that has not been fully charged can damage the bat- tery and result in a shorter life. Remove the upper headlight pod.

poalris Replacement safety labels are provided by Polaris at no charge. If you purchase a Polaris product from a private citizen, to be kept and used outside of the country in which the vehicle was originally purchased, all warranty coverage will be denied.

Use the K-turn to turn around. Steering Assembly The steering assembly of the ATV should be checked periodically for loose nuts and bolts. It can also hinder vehicle performance. Remove the two screws on the lower front corners of the headlight pod.

Be sure the storage area is well ventilated.

Under normal operation, the diaphragm extends into the reservoir as fluid level drops. Always warm up the belt by operating below 30 mph for one mile 5 miles or more when temperature is below freezing.