Similarly, you can use any of the Mordheim warbands in Lustria – Cities of Gold as well. TERRAIN Many players will want to establish house. Chaqua, the City of Gold, is a Temple-City of the Lizardmen located in the center of Lustria, northwards from Itza. Chaqua is rightly called the City of Gold, for the. Evil Druchii ambush a Tilean warband intent on plundering a Lustrian temple. Dark Elves and how to model Lustrian terrain in Lustria – Cities of Gold on pages .

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At the end of each battle, each Warband roll on the Exploration chart. Once during a battle, the magic user may cast one of his spells automatically. Mordheim Resources and Supplements. If the check is failed, the plant will attempt to defend itself.

Log in or Sign up. The Skink made boots lustfia of the skin which seem to make whoever wears them feel glld than air. It is still on the body of a Tilean explorer that had been caught in a vicious trap.

It looks as if it has been put to good use. Yes indeed, it still is Army campsite next to the ruins: Sword of Rage This is a famed Norse-forged weapon that was part of Losterikksons entourage that got lost in Lustria all those years ago.

Token 2 was inside the arch in the lower right-hand corner of the map, and token 5 was inside the pyramid house. It can be sold for 2D6x10 gc to a wizard or collector. More pictures My soldiers rush into the pyramid while a squire tries to get his bow into a better vantage point: Elven Greatsword Only the best Swordsmen of Hoeth are given these ov weapons.

This does not apply to models whose skin or clothing is considered natural light armour. This sword may be carried by any Hero with a Strength of at least 3. It is a small Cold One.


8th Ed. – New World of Gold: Mordheim in Lustria | Lustria Online

If the hero was not taken out of action and is free to explore in the Exploration phase, you may re-roll one dice on the Exploration chart. I figured using humans on our first Mordheim match would make it simpler, plus we wouldn’t need to take the obligatory skink priest and need to figure out how magic worked.

Roll for every item separately apart from the gold crowns and daggers to see if you find it. This predator will attack any additional models lustriw 2″ of the victim using its constricting coils. These magical blades have the power to drain the very life force of a victim and transfer it to the person wielding the blade.

You may position up to three warriors but no large warriors like a Rat Ogre or Ogre anywhere on the battlefield as long as they are placed on the top floor of a temple ruin. This cloak may be worn by any Hero and allows him to leave lustri automatically during his movement phase.

Models swimming against the current of a slow moving river may only move a quarter of their base move, but you may not swim against the current of a fast moving river. Click here for our optimized, “fixed” and playtested Compendium Rulebook. Roll 2D6 to work out which scenario to play: Note that this skill replaces the Wyrdstone Hunter skill in the Mordheim Rulebook.


If a model is knocked down or stunned while in a tree it has to take an initiative test with a penalty of 1 or fall out of the tree and take falling damage as described in the Mordheim Rulebook.

As the Hero gazes into the pool, the clouds fade away and he is presented with images of the future. It has a strength of 5, but if the target is immune to poison then the strength is only 2. Unfortunately for the hero, the mother has returned from an unsuccessful hunt. In addition, if the Hero get knocked down, he continues to be Frenzied for D6 more turns.


Some great overall shots: To represent how models interact with water these basic rules apply: Players should establish which way the river is flowing at the start of the game. It makes all Skinks enraged with jealousy that the Hero has such a holy artifact, although they will be extra careful not to destroy it. The Hero starts with one spell and may gain new ones, or upgrade old ones, just like a normal wizard. This is our game, and we should strive to make it as good as we can.

She also placed her archers on top of the pavilion to prevent me to getting to token 1, so I counted that one as a loss. At gole moment, a giant boulder comes rolling down into the tunnel hes standing in! In addition, to normal club rules, it may be shot in the shooting phase.

Campaign Setting – Lustria, Cities of Gold

Open ground for aquatic models Impassable Terrain No movement allowed 1. Nuno M May 23, at Aquatic models in water either swamp, streams or rivers can elect to be “hidden” at the discretion of the player. The pikemen will go first. The entry for the result will detail what happens.

The surface of the pool is moving slightly like clouds in a spring breeze. Crooty Magic May 22, at 5: Cookies Monster Mash – Painting Contest. Any Hero that goes Out-of-Action in a game may re-roll his injury after the battle if he wishes, but the second counts, even if its worse.