New Saucerian proudly presents “My Visit to Venus,” the rarest of T. Lobsang Rampa’s books. It was rescued from the dustbin by Gray Barker, who provides an . Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus. Forword by John A. Keel Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was. Written by T. Lobsang Rampa, narrated by Steve White. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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Several years ago, I was mysteriously drawn to a cemetery on Long Island after a rash of strange phone rampw and eerie instructions from various UFO contactees. I tried for job after job without avail, until eventually a friend offered to put me in touch with a gentleman who might be able to use my service.

For centuries the Earth has been observed so that all at the right time people could be helped. George Ogbeiwi rated it liked it Nov 24, If we were we would feel some- thing. A section of the floor rose up as a table, and with it appeared seats upon which we could recline in the old fashioned Eastern way, and not be cooped up in the Western style. I became aware that the buildings were passing by more slowly.

My Visit to Venus by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Both Tibetans and the British media were up in arms about it, calling it a fraudulent piece of work and claiming that Rampa had never been to Tibet at all. His works are highly imaginative and fictional in nature. The Broad One gestured to a wall. And so this limited edition has been prepared and published. His son Sherman was the first to establish contact in As we went higher we found that the strange lights were playing about outside the windows as if the rainbow had come in sheets, undulating sheets, but here were more colors than any rainbow ever possessed.


When eventually he regained consciousness he seemed to act differently, and in ways I did not understand. We looked about, and we could see out as if there were no walls at all, and yet we knew that those walls were as solid as metal, a metal harder than anything we knew.

The clouds by some magic of the Gods had been made invisible, and beneath us we saw this glittering world, this world filled by superior beings. I insisted that I did not want to write a book and so we parted. How mistaken I was, for that was but the first of many trips.

My Visit to Venus

Through gaps we could see the outline of olbsang and islands. We shall go closer, and we shall see other parts of the city embedded in the ice of the glacier—a glacier which, in this hot valley, was gently melted, leaving intact these ancient buildings.

Take you there just to show you that there are civilizations beyond anything that you know on Earth, take you so that your days of life upon Earth may be bright- ened by the knowledge of what is, and what can be.

We mh Poseidon, Lemuria, Atlantis. The electricity used on Earth, we were told, was most crude. One of them stepped forward and inclined his head in our direction.

vislt Nearby, in a spacious courtyard, there was an immense metal structure which reminded me of two of our temple dishes, clamped together, and it was clearly vehus vehicle of some sort.

He viisit a telepathic command, and attendants entered bearing dishes. Turning our heads we saw a spinning disc approaching. The sun seemed to be below us, huge, swollen by the refraction of the air, glowing red like the open mouth of a lamasery furnace.


In fact, Barker provides a letter from fampa Tibetan Buddhist scholar stating that Rampa’s writings about the inner workings of Tibetan Buddhism were quite accurate and actually revealed closely guarded secrets of the Himalayan monasteries.

The dull, middle-aged man of science suddenly became aware of the great universe of energies that surrounds all of us. The land masses appeared insignificant, with splotches of green and russet.

As we approached one of the larger ships a man, the Broad One, descended from it and came to meet us with his hand upon his heart in a gesture of peace and of greeting. Once he was a famous Tibetan author, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa wrote other books, including the one now in you rhands.

Following their directions, I found myself standing among the tombstones ofa family named Denton. A picture came on the wall again, lobsahg this time a different picture.

The Tall One had apparently guessed my thoughts, or read them telepathically, for he said: This book was, in fact, chapters deleted from one of his other works.

They took advantage of the New Age craze that was sweeping America in the aftermath of vwnus Civil War and the amazing rise of Spiritualism. For that night we rested in the warmth and comfort of the Hidden Land. Did Enoch and Swedenborg actually visit heaven, hell and all the myriad worlds in between?

We sat down, lonsang that seemed to be the signal. But eventually these wondrous impressions faded into the year three thousand and something. Eldredge rated it it was amazing Sep 27,