Source, ? Label: Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (Landesforstgesetz. 11 Magazines from found on – Read for FREE. Forest Law (Landeswaldgesetz/Landesforstgesetz, LFoG), including forest master . Landesforstgesetz für das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen.

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The intensity of utilization reaches a particularly high level in recreational areas and conurbation. In both areas, projects and proposals which were evidently not optimally planned and constructed landesforstesetz led to public debates in the recent past, one of the main objections being the apparently inappropriate use of waste material building rubble for surfacing roads, resulting in disproportionate environmental impact.

Forest ownership is as follows: Small and medium-sized enterprises Competition State aids Directory code: Because of their tendency to generate a strong microclimate in the vicinity of the forest floor, dark materials intensify the nrs effect for small animals.

Turning areas require a large amount of space; culs-de-sac are thus to be avoided as far as possible. The proposed course of the road should also be made visible on site before construction work begins. It was therefore decided to carry out research on the issue of environmentally sound forest road construction in Nordrhein-Westfalen. In the course of, and as a consequence of, the recent amendment to the State Forestry Act, this prompted the lawmakers to extend their field of vision to the need for regulations and action in the sphere of forest road construction.

Decisions within the framework of general development planning road network density, routing and road standards cross-sectional design, dimensioning are initially determined from a technical, economic and individual operational point of view.

The width of these perimeter storage areas should not exceed the Jib length of a truck-mounted crane approximately 8 m if used for longitudinal storage. In addition to the requirements relating to the protection of water resources, to ensure that the greatest possible importance is attached to the specific ecological requirements placed on forest road construction ecological weighting and sensitivity to the surrounding forest vegetation as a natural environmentthe use of residual materials which produce a distinct alkaline reaction in aqueous solutions must be warned against in areas or instances where lateral water run-off is likely to carry away nutrients and result in a transformation of the surrounding area.


However, the fact that in many cases these roads play a significant role in enabling public access for increased recreational usage must also be taken into account.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer

Transport of materials over long distances causes substantial environmental problems. Regione Piemonte — Direzione Industria. Centre-line and contour-sensitive alignments are preferable to “streamlined” construction. Almost 18 million inhabitants live within 34 m 2.

They perform today an ecological balancing function, ensuring effective protection of water, soil, climate and species to a far greater extent than any other type of land use. Furthermore, it is recommended that for every truckload delivered a confirmation of material characteristics and origin be required in the form of an individual delivery note signed by the driver. The general public’s sensitivity toward such encroachments keeps pace with the increasingly significant role of the forest as a creator of ecological equilibrium.

Forstamtsgrenzen karten-layer – Datasets – European Data Portal

In this way a minimum planning standard will be assured. They have to produce timber as well as to protect water, air and soil. The upbrow should be within as small a width as possible as a rule on the uphill side 1 m wider than the road with embankment, on the valley side approximately road and embankment width.

Growing pressure on forests for recreational activities also results in increased involvement of the general public and demands for a forestry access road network able to handle these multiple uses.

Expand all Collapse all. Furthermore, the reasons for selecting the alignment should be explained in a brief written description, and a pandesforstgesetz report on the design of critical parameters of the planned road width, type of surfacing should be included.

Conversely, poor performers should be excluded from future tendering procedures.

Way History: | OpenStreetMap

Any more detailed planning documents require the consultation of expert planners and incur expenses which may run counter to the apparently “low profile” intentions of the law only notification, no requirement for official approval. The latter does not fall under the landescorstgesetz rules of the Landscape Act. They are recreation areas for people living in big cities as well as habitats for animals and plants.


This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex lansesforstgesetz. The apparently inappropriate use of industrial waste material for surfacing forest roads in the recent past led to public debates. More precise planning documents, such as earth mass calculations, are only required by the forest authorities in special instances, e.

Within the State government of Nordrhein-Westfalen the Ministry for Environment, Regional Planning and Agriculture is also responsible landesforrstgesetz forestry, wood industry and forest ecology. This should be taken into account when selecting materials.

The type of usage is regulated and restricted by the Forestry Act, and must be tolerated by the landowner as it falls within the scope of the social contribution of forest property. Situated in the west of Germany, it borders with Belgium and lzndesforstgesetz Netherlands.

It will thereby be necessary to rely on the scrutiny of the contractor, since the vast majority of road construction machines are not subject to compulsory independent inspection TUV. Maximum overall amount per year covers all measures in the key issues paper. The steel, synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and shipbuilding industries are excluded owing, among other things, to the fact that appropriate measures have been agreed in relation to regional investment aid.

Modern grader or watch-glass section schematic 2. Aid to the steel, synthetic fibres, motor vehicle and shipbuilding industries. Difficult topographical conditions steep slopes, wet areas or complicated ownership patterns often rule out a meaningful stipulation of this figure, which landesforstgseetz any case makes no qualitative statement nor an indication of the need for additional access roads. All sectors eligible for aid to SMEs.

Wood manufacturing and processing firms.

Account will be taken of a possible future requirement as to a landfsforstgesetz exemption notification based on the period of validity of the SME aid block exemption Regulation.