Language English. Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual. Identifier keithley_DMM__Instruction_Manual. Identifier-ark ark://t8kd5tt7c. Model System DMM Scanner Instruction Manual Contains Operating and Servicing Information KEITH LEY WARRANTY Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants . Keithley Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley Instruction Manual.

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Keithley 199 Instruction Manual

Note that the outputs of the amplifiers are connected to the channels 2 through 8 inputs of the scanner. Uprange A — increments the range and also cancels autorange if selected. During Ae warranty period, we will, at our option, either repair or replace any product that proves to be defective. With the first trig- ger, the instrument will take amplifier input voltage reading on channel 1 and then store that reading as the ratio reference value.

The following procedure explains how to use the zero feature mqnual establish a reference: When the Model receives a DCL com- mand, it will return to default conditions see paragraph 3.

This procedure should be performed whenever the ambient temperature changes. The front panel filter is enabled when the front panel FITR indicator is on.

Baselines established on other func- tions are not affected. Channels 2 through 8 referenced to channel 1. To toggle the conditions, press uprange or downrange to alter- nate between the the two selections.


In the B1 and B2 modes, the data will come from the buffer. Connect the Model to the instrument meithley be triggered with a suitable shielded cable.


The Model is then addressed to talk. A baseline level can be established for any or all measure- ment functions and is remembered by each function. The instrument will continue to step through channels, but it will not be able to scan the channels at the programmed intervals. Thus to force a particular command se- quence, you would follow each command with the execute diaracter Xas in the example string, LQXFZX, which will reset the instrument to factory default conditions and then select the ohms function.

Keep in mind that each device on the bus must have a different primary address.

When the X character is finally transmitted, the stored commands will be executed, assuming that all commands in the previous string were valid. Protected with 3A, V fuse accessible from front panel. Once the desired multiplexer status is displayed, press NEXT to scroll to the next program and save current multiplexer status. Read over the manual carefully before operating this instrument.

The window value for the internal filter also depends on the range and function see above. EDs, relays, and logic levels to allow signal tracing thrdugli the instrument during troubleshooting. Changing any of these parameters, range function, filter; etc.


Some examples of valid command strings include: Command strings sent without the execute character will be stored within an internal com- mand buffer for later execution.

Trms Ac Voltage Measurements Translator TL No Scanner Thus, the maximum scan rates available will be slower with the filter on than with it turned off. For select interval, use the data entry keys to program the desired interval in the range keitgley 25msec to Programmed terminator and EOI sequences appear at the end of each reading keithlwy in B2 which terminates only at the end of the string.

Keithley 199 Manuals

Recommended Calibration Equipment The average value of such a waveform is 0. Set the DMM to the proper function and range.

Interface function codes for the Model are listed in Table and are listed for convenience on the rear panel adjacent to the IEEE connector.

Device dependent commands sent over the bus while the unit is in a front panel menu will keitthley ignored.