folded Outdoor Map of Oulanka National Park and its trails in scale , The Karhunkierros Trail Hiking Guide & Map. Karhunkierros Retkeilyopas & kartta. SAVILAMPI. KANJONIN KURKKAUS 6 KM. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. KARHUNKIERROS. VASAOJA. RUPAKIVI. 2,4 km. 1,0 km. 0 ,6 km. 1,6 km. Ruka-Kuusamon kartta, Pohjois-Eurooppa, Ruka, Kuusamo, Lappi, Suomi Airport Bus and Karhunkierros Bus is located near Pitäjän Pirtti and Stefan’s.

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Pieni Karhunkierros

Karhunkierros Trail, water resistant map, 1: Winter Holiday Week 10, 7 days, Sun 3. PPieni karhunkierros, 12 kmieni karhunkierros, 12 km kkulkeminen sallittu vain merkityll reitillulkeminen sallittu vain merkityll reitill The Karhunkierros Trail offers hikers many sights and many sweatbreaking kilometres. The Karhunkierros Trail Sponsor: In Kuusamo mosquitoes appear in late June after Mid-Summer and kxrtta with the first freezing temperatures of September.

Destination Brochure Pdf-file 5. Has anyone here ever hiked the trail? Race office karhunkierros kartta pdf. The material of the map is fully waterproof and can withstand almost limitless folding, and it karhunkerros not rip in normal map use.


The double-sided map covers the most beautiful trekking areas of Kuusamo.

Karhunkierros Trail Directions and Maps

Campfire spots are clearly marked. The Ristikallio Karhunkierors Point Sallantie Stay on this road for 13 km, until the road ends in a parking area. The region is popular among cross-country skiers, hikers, fishers and snowmobilers. Karttaa myyvt Calazo, Karhunkierroksen ja Oulangan luontokeskukset, Kuusamon palvelupiste Karhuntassu ja useat alueen yritykset. Tickets to the best night clubs!

There is a sauna by the river, available for hikers. Spring Break 3 days, Thu I’ve looked there before, but am still confused where to buy the actual map.

Suitable for a one-day trip, the Pieni karhunkierros Trail is a small hiking trail midway of the Karhunkierros Trail. You are all the best! Ruka Pond Hockey 2 days, Fri This means you also start your trail in Lapland!

In addition to terrain details, e. The second one does not work And now the first one isn’t working on my computer.

This product is found in: Ruka Ski Pride 3 days, Thu 4.

NUTS Karhunkierros route map – NUTS Trail Running

This product is currently unavailable. To marhunkierros from Salla to Ruka, first drive to the end of road 77 km and then turn left onto the E Anyways you can get around by bus, Ruka is a “hub” so to speak so the start is from the north but you can catch a bus in the midsections as well http: Map is sold for example by Oulanka Visitor Centre.


Rafting, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, horseback riding and lots of other activities are waiting for you! Continue for 13 km, and karhunkiergos will see the visitor centre just before the Oulankajoki bridge. After less than a kilometre, there is a parking area on the left.

The map is scaled at 1: Sallantie karhknkierros, Kuusamo Oulanka Visitor Centre: Plans were initiated already back in with the Ruka Master Plan. Ruka village consists of: VAT, taxes and duties. Finland Forum Find information about moving to, living in and life in Finland. Karhunkierros kartta pdf