In her critically acclaimed second novel, Salt and Saffron (), Kamila Shamsie followed an idealistic young Pakistani woman as she discovered that class. Impassioned and touching, KARTOGRAPHY is a love song to Karachi. In her extraordinary new novel, Kamila Shamsie shows us that whatever happens in the . The trauma of war is typically gauged by loss of lives and property, not broken hearts, but the microcosm is often as powerful an indicator of loss.

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Mar 06, Nigham rated it really liked it Shelves: He develops an obsession with maps, as if by lending structure to Karachi’s streets, he could make sense of his beloved, imploding home. Kartography is a book set in my dear hometown, Karachi.

Kartography: Kamila Shamsie: Bloomsbury Paperbacks

Shamsie builds up a crescendo that is enticing, making the reader desperate to know why Karim’s mother and Raheen’s father kamula up, why they remained close friends and why this knowledge ultimately repels Karim away from Raheen.

I guess that is reason enough to love it; but that is not the only reason. Sep 24, Aurina rated it it was ok. If not, how they must kwrtography us humans Shamsie hints that her ethnicity somehow plays a role in the partner exchange, but the reader is denied the details.

London and New York: For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. The characters central to the book, Karim and Raheen, are easily the most lovable characters that I have come across in the recent part.


The stories which get told are like the pieces of a larger puzzle: Do you know how hard your heart beats when you’re lost? The most glaring offender is the banter between the four teenagers.

O-O I read and re-read it for many times.

Women of Pakistan – Kamila Shamsie – Kartography

This website uses cookies to improve user experience. I am so in love with this tale of human errors, decisions and forgiveness and above all my fav fav topic: You can almost laugh at this humor of the elites, their typically unaffected life, and these games of making it to the lists of parties and knowing who is who and kmila is what.

The keyword that I’d like to associate with this book kartogrzphy the consistency. Come home and tell me, what do I do with this breaking heart of mine? Confronted by the crazed and armed Shafiq, who demands how he can marry a Bengali, Zafar seems to cave in to the menace, and replies: Kartography is not a perfect novel, but it is a quick read that kaartography interesting in bits, frustrating in others; sometimes beautiful, other times blundering.

Demanding this, demanding that.

ahamsie Raheen and Karim have a tangled relationship which parallels, and is haunted by, the tangled relationships of their parents twenty years earlier. The strength of the novel lies in its characters. Rather than mapping to define the outsider, Kartography ultimately seems to argue for what Kathleen M.


The cost of remembering may break our wilted spirits. Her writing is lyrical and smooth and rich with character without being overly flowerly and unbearable.


On the one hand, it’s a story about love and friendships and growing up. How can I let one of them bear my children? People are targeted on the basis of their ethnicity, race, color and religion. After not fully enjoying the last two books I read after reading her, I have learned my lesson: It was really important for me to read on a personal level, and so well written for just that purpose.

Once upon a time in Karachi Between our birth in anddead bang between our beginning and our present, isof which I know next to nothing except that there was a war and East Pakistan became Bangladesh, and what terrible things we must have done then to remain so silent about it. As someone who is from Karachi and who loves living in Karachi – my relationship with my home is quite a complicated thing to explain. The maps are analogous to the complexity of characters.

View Full Version of PW. My favorite modern novel.