Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw is considered the definitive authority on using radial arm saws to th of an inch precision and dead square. The entire book. Just about everybody who restores DeWalts has read Wally’s book and also a later work by Jon. Eakes on fine tuning a radial arm saw. Both books are excellent. The print edition sold out at LeeValley tools but an electronic edition is still available from Jon Eakes’ web site: saws.

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Related Topics Books Saws Techniques. The best of the no-slip under-soles for walking eadial ice. Yet how can we expect to understand the importance of detailed adjustments and techniques unless we understand their role in obtaining precision from our radial arm saw? Funny, when I got my radial, I got especially for precision work. Hi Jon I need some help to do crown moulding against the fence and laying down does your book show how to do this. Actually the table saw is very complicated to use for complicated tasks because you are always moving the wood, not the saw.

I liked it so much, I bought the hardcover version off Ebay a few years back An adjustment that’s too loose will allow sloppiness and side-to-side movement, which is a no-no.

Knowing that will help if you get lost in the text. That was then, this is now. Douglas said something like “The properly configured radial arm saw asw one of the finest pieces of wood working equipment that you will encounter.

Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw – Jon Eakes – Google Books

Few people ever learned to use a radial arm saw in a precise manner — so they blamed the saw — thinking that the table saw was easier to use. So the most important question you have eadial This book has been on my library shelf for a few decades.

Grime, dust and rough surfaces make consistent contact equally as impossible. I not only wiped it down with ammonia, but raised and lowered the column several times to get all the grunge off of it.


However, arj arm has restricted movement when swung to the left, hard-stopping at around degrees, whereas when swinging to the right, it goes past saaw degrees to about before stopping. An Underwater Glue that really works. The fence on a radial arm saw is usually a sorry looking chopped up mess, often hiding down below the wood to be cut. But I did write a book. Wakes can see it all with photos in a database article: I will outline these principles here and then apply them in detail throughout the rest ssaw the book.

Now I have two copies to look at Jon’s 70’s style mop haircut which graces the cover.! I get a great deal of satisfaction hearing that this book has helped woodworkers and continues to do so since when it was first published in We often scratch up the edge of a piece of wood or create considerable scrap trying to determine exactly where the point of entry will be for a cutting edge. But I have a new problem – when project parts don’t fit together now, I can’t blame the machine anymore.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The best copy of this book can be had by printing both sides on thick paper stock and then putting it into a three ring binder. The fence directly on the work surface radiao be changed often either for function or too many cut points. I want a hard copy.

Growing up with one,and being the first power saw I used as a teen my father had one always set up in the basement most likely had an impact on my opinion.

Do you want to travel with your saw or not? Please sign your name so we know who to give credit to. You can see that the column on mine is filthy and somewhat oxidized. What counts is that it produces straight square boards and this is always the final test of alignment. You can also see jigs in action in a miter saw — same concept as on the radial arm saw — in the Learning Curve tab: So this section of the web site will lead you to those things that I like enough to promote. The gaping hole in the vicinity of where the blade passes through provides no backup against splinters on the back side of the cut and certainly is useless in guessing where the blade will strike the work piece.


Fine Tuning Your Radial Arm Saw

Since then a few people every week ask for the book — so here it is available as a download pdf for purchase.

The core work surface and fence are critical — the rest are just support. A Weatherstripped Mail Slot — The most weather resistant and secure mail slot you can buy – it is called the Draft Dodger.

Why do you think radial arm saws have become so unpopular? I appreciate that most woodworkers recognize the labour that goes into the production of something, be it a chair or a book, and that they respect the copyright fakes this book.

Let’s Talk Wood: Fine tuning your Radial Arm Saw (Part one)

fakes So it became a market question and now radial arm saws are only made for industry. I seat the pin into the column and before clamping it tight I shove the arm to the right until it comes to a full stop against the indexed pin.

Mainline Backflow Valve — to prevent sewer back-ups in basements.

The entire motor comes rattling forward, with the saw blade climbing up on fibers it should be cutting. Firstly, by eaes manipulation tricks when cutting wood, you can adjust the saw square to the table for a 6 inch depth and square from the fence for a 26 inch cut — twice the actual cutting capacity of the machine.