Please keep in mind that your TGMC project will only be recognized as valid, if at least one IBM Software is used in the development of project. List of. Name of Project. Team Leader. Date of submission. 1. Online college Magazine. 26/03/ 2. E-Elcon. 26/03/. Visit to know more about these instructions. Important guidelines for TGMC project submission: • Please.

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Latest version of the project SRS. Tender management system Voice based Web Browser: I personally had to depart by 4 am to reach before the reporting time. The completed project has to be packaged as mentioned below. We learned it, we are living it, and that is what I would like to say to all my juniors and friends:.

IBM – Project Praviin – Overview – India

Comment using Facebook comments. A Place where you can find all the tutorials. The final winner from amongst the Top 20 teams was revealed at the Felicitation ceremony which happened on November 15th, at Delhi.

For a login page, take screenshots of pages with correct and incorrect login details. Bakrahat — the location was a beauty in itself! Project Praviin is an innovative program launched under the aegis of IBM Academic Initiative worldwide to partner with colleges and universities in India to better educate millions of students for a more skilled and competitive IT workforce.

Get recognized by IBM as a Blue Scholar and be spotted by our business partners and customers as a valued skilled resource. E-learning resource locator Food Safety Portal: Food Safety Portal Paradarshii- corruption free economy: This will take you a long way untill and liet you forget this achievement asap and get into another bigger thing.


Luckily, we had 3G connection on mobile which served as an alternate.

About Abhi Abhimanyu rathore. Imb links Contact Privacy Terms of use. Tender management system Voice based Web Browser: Corporate Employee Welfare System: Showing posts with label tgmc We’re here to help Easy ways to get the answers you need.

IBM – The Great Mind Challenge – TGMC – India

Keeping that in mind, IBM Academic Initiative program offers software training and professional certification for students from engineering and MCA colleges. Tender Management in India is yet to go online completely, and one must admit there is ample scope in the current system for corruption to creep in. Isolated from the noises and clusters of daily city life, our venue Dream Institute of Technology was located in a suburban location surrounded by open fields, trees and bushes, and yes, quite a number of domesticated animals like cows!

A Truly Inspiring Story. We wanted our project to aim at minimizing this very scope. You can further nurture these students while still on campus through special projects as per your needs. Database Concurrency Comparator E-Mandi: Paradarshii- corruption free economy Smart Traffic management system: Chessmaster club DuplicateTestCases Detector: Check us out on Youtube.

Water Management Portal Chessmaster club: I explained the security aspects of our project, and how the passwords were being encrypted by our encryption algorithm for added security in case the database gets hacked. Through broad range of resources and support to students, faculty and institutions, aiming to provide skills in open standards by imparting professional training and certification, Project Praviin is critical in a fast-paced and ever-changing IT industry.


TGMC Mobile app contest. Launched inTGMC is an innovative program that addresses the need to better educate millions of students for a more competitive information technology IT workforce by partnering with colleges and universities.

TGMC promotes students from engineering colleges from across India in their endeavor to develop solutions for real-time problems and scenarios using IBM open source software. We’re here to help Easy ways to get the answers you need. Bonus marks if applicable in TGMC will be applicable only if the correct project is received by the deadline.

Labels tgmc 23 tgmc 19 ibm 11 java 9 Ajax 8 db2 8 rational application developer 7 Jquery 6 jsp 6 Installation 5 webshpere 5 tgmc 4 uml 4 SRS 3 databae application 1 file uploading 1 java beans 1 sending email using 1 sms using java 1.

Chessmaster club DuplicateTestCases Detector: Designs must include attachments with: A great going ppl. Posted by Abhimanyu rathore at 7: The actual presentation went smoothly, in spite of some minor setbacks like an issue with the projector and the internet connection. Also add contact fgmc on the envelope.

The Great Mind Challenge 2012 – An Exciting Journey

lixt Data Range from till date. We wanted to shed off the dust from experiences of last year, and rise from the ashes, and we wanted our team name to be symbolic of that effort. We were informed that felicitation programme for the winners will be held soon and we will be informed of the same.