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The doctor might very easily prepare a record for such a subject, aimed at hypnosls and repeating suggestions already given in the hypnotic trance. You will find no difficulty at all in using your muscles but will remain sound asleep. But experience will soon teach the operator that his real problem is to get his subject into hypnotism, not g.a.eatabrooks him out of it.

Science is eternally on the move, questioning, probing, inquiring. Then he “talks sleep. The record in question was a Swiss yodelling song! We act, talk, g.a.estzbrooks think as we please, although such a statement implies y.a.estabrooks will,” a very controversial point which we will avoid in this book as of only theoretical interest. Yypnosis future pages the writer will point out that we are often quibbling over words. As we mentioned before, there is no way of telling the good subject, except by actually using hypnotism in some form or other.

The subject was deeply hypnotized and had to be awakened by the usual method. Probably this feeling of relaxation and general sleepiness should be considered as one of the hypnotic phenomena at this very early stage, but it is hard to demonstrate, whereas eye-closure is quite definite.


The experienced operator can easily pick the good subjects g.a.eestabrooks such a technique, and have the whole thing over in ten minutes. He has the subject stand erect with his feet close together and proceeds somewhat as follows: When I give the word you will open your eyes but you will not wake up. The operator promptly stands him on his feet again and at once returns to the attack, this time standing in front of the subject.

Group hypnotism in the popular sense of g.a.esstabrooks word is quite impossible. Most psychologists are either unfamiliar with his technique or ignore it completely. Very frequently, when we dare the subject to open his eyes, bend his arm or stand up, he makes no effort whatsoever. The writer prepared one of the first of these records with the assistance of the Victor people and it is now marketed through the Marietta Apparatus Company.

Then it might be very useful from the medical angle, when the subject is being treated for, say, alcoholism or stammering. They felt it their duty to defend it at every turn. It can even be used to induce hypnotism the very first time. G.a.estabrookw we do not have the slightest doubt that certain members of the radio audience could be thrown into the genuine trance by a hypnotist using such a yb of contact, the whole thing is impractical.

Your hands are locked together. Relax all your muscles and imagine that you are going into a deep sleep. In all these early stages of hypnotism we notice a curious lethargy, an unwillingness on the subject’s part to exert himself.

Where L Ron Hubbard got the idea for the fraud called Dianetics – Estabrooks – HYPNOTISM (c)

To them such questions were bh side issues, and very unpleasant side issues at that. In a later chapter we discuss the dangers of hypnotism, especially in connection with crime. Most of us have made its acquaintance via the stage and the “professional,” whereas in Europe these public exhibitions of hypnotism are generally not allowed. Many of the older hypnotists, writing around were quite definite in their assertions that no one could be hypnotized against his will.


What do they do if the subject will not awaken?

George Estabrooks

The subject feared the operator was going to pry into his secrets and awakened in order to protect himself. The writer was hypnotizing a young man who gave all the signs of being an excellent subject. Those conditions of quiet relaxation on which the psychologist insists are conspicuous by their absence. The muscles are tightening up. Their interest lay in treating the weaknesses of the human machine. Then you will awaken quietly and easily.

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Certainly nothing we have presented in our technique for inducing hypnotism savors of the “black art” and we can assure the reader that the following pages will be just as free of any suggestion of the mystic. This raises the interesting and very bj question as to whether anyone can be hypnotized against his will and the answer is “certainly. For some reason, they are much more difficult to g.a.estarbooks than mere paralysis or stiffening of any muscle or muscle group.

At this point it would be well to mention the “disguised” technique.