The Princeton Review does offer another series, a hyper-learning series that includes a verbal workbook and a science workbook. The verbal. Find great deals on eBay for Princeton Review Verbal Workbook in Education Princeton Review Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook Edition. $ check craigslist in your local area also check amazon ebay may work, but it gets flagged a lot and removed goodluck. reply.

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Check the price at: Mcatforme Staff Published on: While it is worth every penny especially because you could resell the book easilyfor most it would be hard to justify paying that much for a single book.

June 28th, 2 Comments. December 16th, 0 Comments. hyperlearnin

September 14th, 0 Comments. The cost of the book is rather high.

Students who have used this book in conjunction with our program have noted a major increase in verbal test scores and most do recommend it. October 1st, 2 Comments. February 5th, 0 Comments.


December 10th, 0 Comments.

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Where to find TPR Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook??

While the cost is quite harsh, the availability is what makes this book impossible to integrate into our MCAT Program. User Rating Rated 5 stars hyperleaning Reviews.

Additionally, when taking the Princeton Review Course, this is the book that the course uses. June 26th, 1 Comment.

Princeton Review Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook Review

A new copy will cost you around 10 times that of the Examkrackers Verbal Book. June 27th, 1 Comment.

December 17th, 0 Comments. December 16th, 1 Comment. November 6th, 0 Comments.

Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook by The Princeton Review

October 10th, 0 Comments. However, if you are looking for the best prep book on the market for the verbal exam and have a little bit of money allotted, you should definitely invest in this great book. Editor Rating Rated 4 stars Excellent. Rather than simply showing the answer, the hyplearning verbal book really does take hypeglearning time to make sure you understand why each answer is right, in addition to why the other answer choices are wrong.


It is only available through secondary retailers like Amazon, and it is quite expensive.

Editor rating Rated 4 stars. January 19th, 0 Comments. September 27th, 0 Comments. Cons Availability and Price. June 19th, 0 Comments. January 19th, 2 Comments. February 10th, 0 Comments. While everything about the book is great, this is really where we start to see some downsides.

October 6th, 0 Comments. January 7th, 1 Comment. June 28th, 23 Comments. October 30th, 0 Comments. October 24th, 0 Comments.