You really need to learn the rules before climbing at Hueco Tanks. Tick Marks are not allowed on the boulder problems at Hueco Tanks. How many more times. Since the first edition of this book was released, Hueco Tanks has earned a reputation for hosting the best bouldering on the planet, not to mention being a darn. Hueco Tanks is a crag inside of Texas. Hueco Tanks Mostly Bouldering 1, routes in crag. Grades: US Add area(s) Add topo Reorder Bulk edit. Name.

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Hueco Tanks State Park closed The Five Bimbos to climbing in after their climbing impact assessment determined that the….

If you put your mouse over the bottom middle, forward, reverse and pause will show up. Some areas require a guide. All other drone footage is considered illegal and can be penalized. The best mobile service at Hueco Tanks is currently Verizon.

This online guide will focus on North Mountain, since in the other areas you’ll have a guide and other people who can point out the problems. What you’re getting yourself into. The Hueco Rock Ranch no longer offers guiding services but does offer excellent lodging and camping options. Here is a small selection of videos shot at Hueco in the early 90’s The second bolt on Desperado 5. No one gets out of here alive. Your login works with all Adventure Projects sites.

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In time cell phone services will improve in the region. Wyoming Cowgirl is currently closed. Thanks, -G Sep 9, Nov 16, Beta: Click on Map to Open. Am heading to EP for work a few days and would like to check out Heuco. After observing a possible relationship between polluted rain from Denver and weaker bolts, I’m hypothesizing that air pollution increases the rate of bolt corrosion at Hueco.

Kind of unclear on the info section and hueco parks doesn’t display that information either. If anyone is going to be in that area around December 19thth, I would love to meet up or tag along and get a couple sends in before heading to Austin. I’ve got about 4 years of climbing experience, lead low.

Add New Photo Photo Photo copy. National and Global visitors is who. Feb 7, Beta: Jan 14, Beta: Mike ascended over two thirds of the lead climbs in this guide, usually in very bold style. Basically, is it still worth it to make the trip??

Hiking Project Better Data. Although your device, moblie phone boulderinh browser may not be secure. I’m at FT Bliss for training and the army will not allow me to rent a car during my four day pass.


Beautiful Hueco Tanks, Texas. Russ, thanks for all the great Hueco beta and photos and the mussy hooks in the Owens too!

General information

Remember pinkpointing and heuco Hueco Cranks is still open on Mushroom Boulder back-up bolts with natural. Especially on his favorite subject Yosemite and our forefathers. That is kinda scary.

Waiting in line outside the park gate for North…. How many more times do you have to watch the orientation video? Nueco is just 15 minutes from the park! Locked in a… Read More.

Hueco Tanks Guide – Online

Plastic Fantastic, I think. Located just outside the park entrance at Hueco Tanks, Texas, the Country Store was where bouldering pioneers stayed during the years that Hueco transformed from a little-known rock pile into huedo of the world’s premier bouldering areas.

I had thoughts of the old Drilling Moon methods too, but it might get climbing banned.