During the point form sparring in Haidong Gumdo, bamboo or wooden swords are used but no armours are worn by the practitioners. Haidong Gumdo. USA Haidong Gumdo Seminar Second half of year 2 (Prepare federation Sponge(form) Sword); Hosin-Gumdo Part 1 (Self-defense with short sword). Haidong Gumdo is a martial art that originates from an ancient Korean country called These have become the official forms (Gum Bup) of Haidong Gumdo.

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Wolves Martial Arts is owned and operated by Andrew Johnston. I’m interested in a few different hsidong, but currently only my Korean sword martial art called Haidong Gumdo is highlighted here.

This is the twelth form of Haidong Gumdo. That and the Japanese invasion of Korea in the early part of haidohg 20th century helped to almost obliterate traditional Korean martial arts.

Haidong Gumdo History

Ssang Soo Forms When I hwidong and left Canada, I filmed my instructor performing all of the forms we practiced as well as a few I had not yet learned so that I could continue training in Edinburgh.

Each video breaks down every technique and form in detail. For ancient Koguryo to stand years while China went through the Han dynasty to the Tang dynasty and the rise and fall of many countries especially those as renown as the country Dongijock, is no small forks.

Master Kim had received his initial training in Kumdo, or Korean Kendo the Japanese sword art but Master Kim had felt that the art was too Japanese, and focused on one on one sparring.

The combative spirit of the Samurang which kept the peace and justice also left behind a valuable spiritual and pride to their descendants.

Haidong Gumdo

Develop the Efficient Cut by practicing cuts approximately 3 times a week with this drum beat. If you are hadong to learn an extreme martial arts sword style where you do back flips through the air and swing the sword like a cheerleader twirling a baton!

Through their leadership, an ancient Chinese country Su with two million invaders was defeated which had never been done before. Apart from the championship a fun and educational program has been set up, in order for you to get the most out of your stay here.

Vasquez Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo Academy > About Us > e-learning Portal

However, as there was no one in Edinburgh to push me, I developed drum beats at different rates to push us when we did our initial straight cuts. It was developed for fighting multiple opponents on a large scale battle setting and for one-on-one combat with the sword. This is the seventh form of Haidong Gumdo. Currently, Haidong Gumdo is one of the world’s fastest growing martial arts with a million practitioners and over 1, training centers in 50 countries.


Over instructional step by step instructions with pictures on that same curriculum A Korean language instruction system with audio instruction Kickbook – a social network similar to Facebook where all our students can post photos, videos, and exchange posts and messages. Way of The Korean Sword!

They spoke Chinese and Japanese and became hermit monks to escape the Chinese ethnic cleansing that began. Once 55bpm seems too slow, move up to 60bpm or use a heavier sword. While no one has ever learned martial arts solely over the Internet, we believe that this tool will be invaluable for supplementing class instruction and helping you or your child become the best martial artist possible.

Would you like to supplement your current Haidong Gumdo training with videos? Whether you are already a Haidong Gumdo Student This is the eleventh form of Haidong Gumdo. These cuts are done in an effort to develop the Efficient Cut, and you can see six videos below of us doing this to different rates. There is so much information on these DVD’s This is the fifth form of Haidong Gumdo. All training begins with Kibon Dongjak, which teaches all of the basic stances and cuts of Haidong Gumdo using a wooden sword Mokgum.

This is the second form of Haidong Gumdo. This is the tenth form of Haidong Gumdo. Welcome to my interest in martial arts.

Become a Master of The Sword. He sought out training in the hidden Korean sword arts to help bring them to light much like had occurred with Taekwondo empty hand techniques. This is the fourth form of Haidong Gumdo. These basic techniques will form the foundation of the students sword skills. From July 25th to 27th inThe World Haidong Gumdo Championship was also successfully held with over 10, competitors from 31 countries.

Haidong Gumdo Techniques The basic techniques of Haidong Gumdo include fencing, cutting, thrusting, combat and abdominal breathing exercises and are the foundation that helped Koguryo’s Samurang become Koguryos most powerful warriors in its history.


This is the eighth form of Haidong Gumdo. Who This Program is See your detailed attendance by program Olympic sparring, Haidong Gumdo, Takewondoand see how many classes you have yet to take before you achieve your minimum standards for testing Personalized schedule based on your belt rank Personalized testing haidkng based on your belt rank On-line belt test report cards after each test Operates in any browser.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Korea. These warriors with their knowledge of sword fighting and Do the right way were an enormous help to the great Koguryo Kings.

Forms are the primary testing requirement for earning rank in Haidong Gumdo and the best way to develop great sword skills. To augment our classes we have built gukdo web based system to help you learn.

Over separate videos on our entire curriculum of kicks, punches, blocks, forms, one-steps, breaking holds, forms, breaks, sparring, etc up to 4th dan. This is the third form of Haidong Gumdo. They are demonstrated slowly and at full speed so you can see how each form should be done without any stops in it.

The basic techniques of Haidong Gumdo include fencing, cutting, thrusting, combat and abdominal breathing exercises and are the foundation that helped Koguryo’s Samurang become Koguryos most powerful warriors in its history. April 23rd, Attention: Therefore, one of the main features of Haidong Gumdo is not the simplicity of Japanese Kendo nor the complexity of Chinese Kung-Fu sword arts.

There are a multitude of historical Korean sword arts that Master Kim trained in, including Sang So Do two handed sword training and others. Parents will be able to see all the material for each of their children for their next test, as well as monitor attendance, send messages to instructors or other parents, and get personalize schedules for all their kids they can even download to their Blackberry or iPhone.

Forms are pre-arranged sequences of movement which teach students the hundreds of ways to defend and attack with the sword in a smooth and fluid motion. Site Map Privacy Policy.

Some explanation has been provided to help explain the movements, along with some fun music.