Since , we’ve been supplying official line-up details to Clashfinder, a Glastonbury fansite which offers Festival-goers the chance to. We’ve been asked to pass on this message from Public Enemy: Unfortunately Flavor Flav cannot leave the USA due to immigration issues, Chuck D regrets the . Glastonbury , June . You can now download this year’s Clashfinder line-up PDFs James Hassan @cassettequality 25 Jun More .

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Donations Help keep this site running: Hi Halvin, Cheers for all the hard work. Rev 51 Rev 84 Rev 43 Guest – Brian You’d then have to refresh the page to have the stages gllastonbury in the printed output.

I’ve just spent 15 mins or so looking Guest – Ali Rev 12 Rev 82 Rev 71 Rev 10 Rev 66 Is it just me or the BBC Introducing stage disappeared? Guest – Karen Thanks for all your efforts Halvin and others!!


I think the festival said at the end of the month but I might have imagined that. Tribes, Tame Impala, Vaccines and a few others are supposedly are playing on a new stage called the Williams Green Stage?

How do i print it with my selected colours for highlighted bands etc??? Rev Rev 89 Guest – Joe Guest – bunter Sharing Twitter Facebook Delicious Glwstonbury reddit.

Glastonbury Line-Up :: Clashfinder

It goes on much later in to the night than the Clashfinder shows. Rev 3 Very minor correction, Glastonbury mis-spelled it, Stealing Sheep play twice, but one of the acts Croissant Neuf, Saturday, Spirit of ’71 stage times are l the other way around Guest – colinzealuk Guest – Mr Tom Rev 78 Thanks for adding Lounge sessions in Glade Lounge on Friday, however they finish at not as shown, see https: Rev 67 It depends which browser you’re using but you need to select ‘Print Backgrounds’ in the page setup.


Hi – please could you add an event? I know its on but no DJ’s been released along with the lineup. Rev 14 Rev 99 Rev 77 Not sure of times.

Will you be offering the ability to pay an upgrade for crowd numbers again? Guest – ben Rev 56 Thanks again for all your hard work It took me a while to work out but you need to go to a link in your email and enter a code in that email on the page that it opens. Rev 2 Glasto Rev 79