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Who or What inspired you to write this book?

Kaostar! : Francis Breakspear :

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What is the working title of your book? The first book Kaostar took about two years to write, on and off, and it was mostly done to stop me going even more insane while I was writing-up my PhD; which was far heavier duty stuff. Contains spoilers I had been meaning to watch this film for several years- it was released in lateand having worked in a fundamentalist country recently it was all the more pressing a need Chris Morris might be known to some readers as the brains behind and often the front man of some scathing satire in the 90s and early s.

As I have here with Wikipedia links for intro purposes only- read beyond them please!

Toastar!, by Francis Breakspear

Mr Morris, I salute you. No current Talk conversations about this book. Current 93music. What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Blow bdeakspear a chemist shop? The older I get the more I realise that the late Kenneth Grant has been a regular inspiration, and not just the occasional one that I always knew he was.

This is not gentle stuff, this is the kind of comedy that grabs you by the neck and screams in your face until you get it.

Where did the idea come from for the book?

I know that some of those who read my books have great skills at vreakspear healing, and I would ask that you all direct some immense healing energy towards Mrs. By comparison the modern chaos magician cunner would be likely to have a groovy backpack to carry various problem-solving tools in, like a cellphone, a cigarette lighter, a Swiss Army knife, a packet of some painkilling drug, a bag of a quite different herbs for ingestion in various ways, a disk of some computer software, various dark-looking sorcerous books and probably some weird and discordant spooky sounds on their mp3 player to impress the musically illiterate.

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Amazon Kindle 0 editions. People liked it, so another one came out.

Kaostar! : Modern Chaos Cunning Craft

This went on for some time, as the bubbling potions were continually mixed, shuffled, eased around to keep the optimum heat, then combined, drummed on, stirred and eventually all were poured into one pot… the sun finally set and all became dark, save for the glowing embers and the stars above us.

Hopefully not dead, but just dreaming. Sounds heavy-duty, but it has laughs, too. breakspeqr

October 12, in ebookpublishing Tags: As she ages, we need to do that more and more. The final scenes when the suicide bombers exit this world in sundry unglorious ways is quite tragically wasteful. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist.

The pseudonym was necessary at that time of writing as there was still a slight danger then that I might get an academic job, and being seen to be a published practitioner as well as a scholarly researcher of such things was a bit of a non-no in some quarters and completely fine in others, your mileage may vary in that respect.

If Hidden are still sleeping by the time Entheostar is finished hopefully by early and ready to roll onto paper then I will maybe create a spuriously silly name for a publishing house and put it out myself. Numerous un-nameable folk who would mostly fall under the generic terms of chaos magicians and-or psychonauts.

And this film is not anti- any religion.

Toastar! by Francis Breakspear

The cunning man or woman of history would have traveled around their local area performing the craft with probably a bag full of herbs, some pins, a flint and tinder to make fire, some ready-made charms, a knife and a weighty book or two about anything with which to impress the illiterate.

The travel makes getting back in the writing flow a tad tricky sometimes, but some of the brakspear and massive change has been quite inspiring. Very many folk will have their own ffancis to hate her, especially the Miners. October 12, in book extract Tags: Brekaspear some respects that is in the same general districts as some of the work of Julian Vayne, Ramsey Dukes and a few others of their ilk, with touches of Robert Anton Wilson and Terrence McKenna. Exactly the same kind of Sun-reader tabloid stereotype mentality that Morris lashed in The Day Today.

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Many thanks frrancis the following authors for allowing me to tag them in this exercise. October 22, in publishing. The dark and often acerbic sense of humour is definitely mine. I worked for the Health Service at the time when she started to destroy it for profit, and that huge damage done will affect the health of an entire country for generations franciss come and some will never be repairedlet alone the careers of people like me that she destroyed.

Er, it maybe would not be renderable into film, so much as franciis more like one of those hypnotic machines that flashes lights at you through goggles and makes rhythmic sounds through headphones, like having your own personal psytrance festival. And that, I like a franciss. References to this work on external resources. Working with Hidden has been a delight because of the quick production speed- some other publishers no names, but you know who you are…. Readers outside the UK can join in here the more the merrieror choose one of francix own despised national figures to treat in the same way, as you wish.

It may make you wince, or be open-mouthed. Those are the who as for the whatwell…. If you want to tag me retrospectively please add a comment and I will add your link in return. We all sat around the fire, the man looked up and smiled quietly, a toothy grin, acknowledging our breaksear, and we held hands, joining brwakspear the chanting, which ebbed and flowed like the sea behind us… This went on for some time, as the bubbling potions were continually mixed, shuffled, eased around to keep the optimum heat, then combined, drummed on, stirred and eventually all were poured into one pot… the sun finally set and all became dark, save for the glowing embers and the stars above us.

I have just been interviewed by Ethan Doyle White for his blog, about magic and academic researcha long read, but it was a lot of fun to do.

A review of a dark comedy about belief, behaviour and religious fundamentalism.