Bernhard suele criticar Austria (su país) de una manera fulminante en lo que escribe, y Castellanos Moya hace lo mismo en este librito, pero de El Salvador. El Asco / The Disgust has 11 ratings and 1 review: Published September 25th by Literatura Random House, pages, Paperback. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San.

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Refresh and try again. Vega finds El Salvador despicable, he attacks everything: Moya never gets a word in edgewise. Inhe was guest researcher at the University of Tokyo with a fellowship granted by the Japan Foundation.

El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador

I first read Mora’s Senselessnessa novella of paranoid bureaucratic horror that also manages to be very funny. As I was reading, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Novelists should as much as possible avoid reading Thomas Bernhard.

And it may also be just the perfect mash up. Lee allowed me the opportunity to read this work before he found a publisher for it. As I was reading, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I read the English version translated by my husband, and it was great on two levels: He left El Salvador that March, but did not go back to Canada for school.

Mostly, I found myself thinking that I’d really rather just read Bernhard. I loved the monologue and cultural criticism was raw and biting and insightful. I continued to earn my living as a journalist in Guatemala, Mexico, and Spain. When Max Sebald reveals his disdain for something or other I hear his particular voice and find his arguments and complaints quite captivating as well.


I guess to a degree it’s in how you choose to see the world.

El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador by Horacio Castellanos Moya

It is tonally and topically appropriate, and would provide an interesting point of comparison between the two writers. Thomas Bernhard certainly wasn’t the first person to ever behave this way in person, but perhaps he was the first we serious readers had noticed doing so on the page.

Refresh and try again. Thomas Bernhard, complaining about pupusas instead of coffee-cake. Revulsion is a novella of the most intimate comedy that also manages to be quite horrifying.

As has been observed, such vehement hatred goes more or less full circle and we may be sure that Moya delights in El Salvador as much as Bernhard did in Austria, both deeply czstellanos disappointed lovers. Views Read Edit View history. Help WWB bring you the best new writing from around the world. Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador.

I called the few friends I had at international press agencies to tell them about the threat; it was scarcely mentioned in El Salvador’s press, apart from a note from a columnist who said I had invented the threats to publicize my book in a pale imitation of Salman Rushdie.

El Asco / The Disgust

Like what you read? This is the third time I’ve read a novel claiming Bernhard lineage, and it’s probably the least successful of all. The point, aside from the fact that Moya is a great mimic and Klein an excellent translator, is that Bernhard can be sicced onto any culture, and that most cultures deserve him; at the same time, there’s abundant humor here, because there’s already one extra level of irony.


Over the next few years he wrote and published several novels, including SenselessnessThe She-Devil in the Mirrorand Revulsion: For two decades he worked as editor of news agencies, magazines and newspapers in Mexico, Guatemala and his own country.

El Asco / The Disgust by Horacio Castellanos Moya

The professor starts and only stops when I guess the author had had enough and he had to call it a day somewhere. But there’s no point in speculating. May 28, Amari rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sumamente desagradable, chistoso, y merecedor. It is good that it is short. You can never be sure that Moya means it, and that just adds to the fun. It’s all in one breath, a breath both suffocating and liberating at one time.

An interesting exercise in imitation skewering the most contemptible issues in San Salvador. View all 13 comments.

On a visit home, he witnessed a demonstration of unarmed students and workers in which twenty-one people were killed by government snipers. With the relish of the resentful getting even, I had fun writing this novel, in which I wanted to demolish the culture and politics of San Salvador, same as Bernhard had done with Salzburg, with the pleasure of diatribe and mimicry.

This little book is great. I’m guessing that sadly some reactions toward violence might be the same. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.