For performance data and operating limitations, reference must be made to the approved flight manual and all appropriate documents. This document is the. The pilot is responsible for correct operation of the helicopter according the AFM. This summary is provided only as additional material for preflight preparation. Rotorheads – EC Flight manual – Hi Guys and Gals Just wondered if anyone has an electronic flight manual for the EC, particularly interested in.

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There is no “back door” on the right side, which prevents one useful configuration for aerial photography. Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon. Unlike the Robinson’s three-point automotive-style seatbelts with inertia reel, Bell locks you in with a 4-point harness. My fellow R44 pilot, riding back seat: At a minimum, both seem to exclude the area occupied by the pilot.

The window extends so far down that the view is incredible, spoiled only by the sliding windows and the narrow pillars on either side of the front door. A closer look at the flight manual reveals that these are certainly ISA numbers and performance is greatly reduced on hot days. Maybe the could get by with a lighter air conditioner than the current lb. The photographer can sit in back, slide the door open to take photos, and slide it closed when the photo project is complete and it is time to zip back to the airport.

However, the rotor brake handle comes down in front of the pilot and there is a warning light, so you’d have to be pretty dumb even by pilot standards to start the engine with the rotor brake on and then leave it on.


So you’ll be stopping for fuel more frequently than will a Robinson R44 pilot!

We weren’t uncomfortable on our short test flight, but it seems as though the Robinson seats have the edge in comfort. For the charter operator or rich family that wants to travel in comfort, the is tougher to justify. It is light and airy compared to a Robinson R44 or R66 cabin. The didn’t have space for this and a style isolation mount was adopted instead. Also, the response was much faster, so while I might take several seconds to change the power setting in the LongRanger, so as to not exceed a limit, the first limit indicator reacted really quickly and I felt it was more like a manifold pressure gauge on a piston helicopter – I could do pretty rapid increases without worrying too much about overshooting.

Instead of the random scattering of warning lights that you would find in a Robinson R22 or R44, or the style cluster in the R66, the has a jet-style CAS system with a master caution and textual messages appearing on the MFD. The fuel gauge and current burn rate are in a bottom corner of the MFD.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Bell was 1 in customer satisfaction among helicopter manufacturers in a Vertical magazine survey.

Flying The EC Colibri: Mr John Toal: : Books

Embraer does some of this in their Phenom series, e. Write amnual customer review. The lithium-polymer battery keeps itself warm when it is cold outside, so starting the engine should be easy but does that mean the battery will gradually go flat if the helicopter is idle for a couple of weeks?

The basic flight instruments are presented conventionally on the G The H is the preferred helicopter for law enforcement agencies from coast to coast, which benefit daily from its quiet operation, effective maneuverability and enhanced safety features.


The compass is not as useful for situational awareness as the vertical card compass supplied by Robinson as a zero-cost option in nearly all of its aircraft.

EC120 Flight manual

A new-looking room hotel was scheduled for demolition at the time of our arrival in a Cirrus SR Compared to the oldhere are the main features of the new If you must have a smooth-riding helicopter, look into a used rather than a The Bell is currently not available with an autopilot, which makes it less safe than the latest Robinsons in the event of an inadvertent encounter with IMC the is not IFR-certified so in theory it will never be in that situation.

There is some space in the nose intended for a smaller camera, e. There is plenty of room in the middle of the power arc to show minutes of fuel remaining at the current burn rate. If the engine loses contact with the airframe it will keep running at the target rotor RPM.

It opened in and was basically shuttered inwith international flights returning to Montreal’s legacy Dorval airport. Two of us test-flew the tlight. Three of us went to the factory.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. – H (formerly known as EC) Specifications

There is no way for occupants to communicate without an intercom. Given that the assembly line is gathering components it is unclear what secrets Bell might be trying to protect from being photographed.

All of the door latches had been replaced a year earlier on maunal plane because After that demonstration flight he decided to order a Bell instead.