INTERLOPERS OF RUUN-KHAZAI An ancient githyanki stronghold is ripe for the picking–or is it? A D&D adventure for 13th-level PCs. DUNGEON® Adventures, which would give you more than enough material to keep you going. See our subscription cards in this issue. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page

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Whatever anyone thinks of the game mechanics, there are some very well-written articles and adventures in the 4e issues of both magazines. He passes out in short order and enjoys his first nightmare-free sleep for over a year. A pedestal case in the center of the chamber also holds hordes of bugs, and examination tables are splayed with dead specimens.

Dungeon Magazine #151

These huge pits inset in the floor are filled with a diluted acid mixed perfectly to strip flesh slowly. Tkis statue is a crude pottery representation of Scrimsliaw. I wish to provide legendary service to the RPG community to help grow our hobby and enrich the lives of gamers everywhere. Weapons bounce harmlessly off adversaries, spells fail, potions imbibed turn to brine, and moving results in the PC dungeo up in the same location somehow. Daragun had no idea the text was not a reliquary of knowledge, but a magical prison for a dangerous tsucora quori captured by a mind hunter a thousand years ago.

The hinged doors are attached to chains and pulleys, which allows Razalin d to slam one of these shut as a standard action magazinf her dancing chains a hility. Suddenly the glass cases explode in a hail of jagged shards. All Wizards characters, character names, and the distinctive likenesses hereof are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.


Full text of “Dungeon Magazine #”

She magazins increase the length ofthese chains up to 15 feet eas- ily long enough to attack creatures anywhere in the room and cause them to sprout razor-edged barbs. A gray sky looms above you, and churned dirt forms earthy clods below your feet.

Viktor filled the reservoirs with alchemical poisons and infusions so toxic they could cripple all of Black Arch district if released into the general water supply. A detailed schematic diagram of his design rests on the desk.

Add tags Tags separate by space: This makes the fight with the mohrgs considerably more difficult, but the subsequent battle against Viktor and Krader in A20 will be that much easier. Numerous heavy iron-shod doors leave this area for the dark dngeon, and a black steel port- cullis closes off each end of the promenade.

If the PCs fail to Spot the mohrgs, read: Ulysses and his crew are posted around the exterior of the asylum, with one sergeant and four members of the Watch on every side of the asylum. One of the swarms of creeping things piles up on itself and forms into a humanoid shape before transforming into a jaundiced hobgoblin with overlong arms. The PC can examine the fluids in- side the cylinders in A Karvasi must hold and examine the object for 1 minute. Those who fail their saves take a -2 penalty #11 attack rolls for ld3 rounds.

He scream at Krader, so Krader take his eyes. He swaggers and struts, twirling a silver-headed cane, as he casually approaches a heavy winch and cable system running to the bound warforged above.

He was compelled to read the book maggazine one sitting, eventually falling asleep on its pages.

Dungeon Magazine

Someone pull me back from the darkness and banish this thing! World of Darkness Only bis eyes are visible. Thus, a fighter cannot run away or attack but takes no defensive penalties.


When the PCs reach the center of the room, read: Hardness 15; hp ; break DC There was no magazinne official compilation other than that because they were still trying to decide on formatting and style issues. Unlike Dragonthey were never released as a single pdf, just as individual articles. Tbis cast-iron kiln is where tbe inmates bake their poor attempts at pottery.

Patients, Infiltrators, and Visitors: Henrix – Tuesday, 6th January, Psi-Like Abilities ML 6th: Julian Gevard reveals little useful information if captured, alternating between tea time conversational snippets and horrifying magazind of his gruesome murders with no variation in his whimsical tone.

Anyone magazne make a DC 20 Knowledge arcana check to peruse the text and find a page scripted in runic Adaran that allows the reader and anyone join- ing hands with her to enter the dreams of a sleeping person.

Along for the Ride: The sun appears between the black clouds and the city finally begins to heal. This information is followed by a guide of the same information, organized by check type. Maldrake still bears the ugly scars across his throat and his voice never recovered, coming in rasps now. His condition surfaced in response to the horror of watch- ing his father-figure creator slaughtered in front of him and his inability to accept it.

Any square containing a sprawled skinless corpse is considered difficult terrain. There a hulking gargoyle stands stock still among the pottery, an arrow notched in his longbow. No inmate has ever set foot in this room. Get Them Out of Me!: