25 Mar Pastores Dabo Vobis de Su Santidad Juan Pablo II sobre la formacion de los Por ello, si bien se pueden comprender los diversos. como Pastores, la de fajar las heridas causadas por cada violación de .. criterios hallados en Pastores dabo vobis, número 50, el Program of. functionary, but a Pastor anointed for the people of God, who has the regarding integral formation, offered by Pastores dabo vobis, from

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Pastoral charity, which has its specific source in the sacrament of holy orders, finds its full expression and its supreme nourishment in the Eucharist.

Finally, in many parts of the Church today it is still the scarcity of priests which creates the most serious problem. Through the Spirit, Jesus ovbis totally and exclusively to God and shares in the infinite holiness of God, who calls him, chooses him and sends him forth.

In this perspective, it is necessary to consider the priest’s membership in and dedication to a particular Church. Thus we see how difficult it is to present young people with a dewcargar and penetrating experience of Christian and ecclesial life and to educate them in it. Following the texts of the Second Vatican Council regarding the ministry of priests and their formation, 4 and with the intention of applying to various situations their rich and authoritative teaching, the Church has on various occasions dealt with the subject of the life, ministry and formation of priests She has done this in a more solemn way during the Synods of Bishops.

The priestly soul strives thereby to apply to itself the action which takes place on the altar of sacrifice. Jesus’ service attains its fullest expression in his death on the cross, that is, in his total gift of self in humility and love.


These two factors are not the result of purely organizational and disciplinary needs. This was the case in Jesus’ descarhar. After his resurrection, Jesus asked Peter the basic question about love: Knowledge of the situation is important. Consequently, the ordained priesthood ought not to be thought of as existing prior to the Church, because it is totally at the service of the Church. Holiness is intimacy with God; it is the imitation of Christ, who was poor, chaste and humble; it is unreserved love for souls and a giving of oneself on their behalf drscargar for their true good; it is love for the Church which is holy and wants us to be holy, because this is the mission that Christ entrusted to her.


Indeed, there can be no genuine priestly ministry except in communion with the supreme pontiff and the episcopal college, especially with cobis own diocesan bishop, who deserves that “filial respect and obedience” promised during the rite of ordination. On many other occasions the Church’s magisterium has shown its concern for the life and ministry of pastorse.

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In a word, it calls for your personal sanctification. He is consecrated and sent forth to proclaim the good news of the kingdom to all, calling every person to the obedience of faith and leading believers to an ever increasing knowledge of and communion in the mystery of God, as revealed and communicated to us in Christ. Priests are there to serve the faith, hope and charity of the laity.

They are called not only because they have been baptized, but also and specifically because they are priests, that is, under a new title and in new and different ways deriving from the sacrament of holy orders. Renew in them the outpouring of your Spirit of holiness. Without priests the Church would not be able to live that fundamental obedience which is at the very heart of her existence and her mission in history, an obedience in response to the command of Christ: His whole life is a continual manifestation of his “pastoral charity,” or rather, a daily enactment of it.

As a result, many – especially children and young people – seek to compensate for this loneliness with substitutes of various kinds, in more or less acute forms of hedonism or flight from responsibility.

In this way, the priest is a servant of the Church as mystery because he actuates the Church’s sacramental signs of the presence of the risen Christ. He who laid down his life for his sheep, who died for his flock, he is risen, alleluia. This is indicated in the second part of the topic’s formulation: Indeed, the priest, by virtue of the consecration which he receives in the sacrament of orders, is sent forth by the Father through the mediatorship of Jesus Christ, to whom he is configured in a special way as head and shepherd of his people, in order to live and work by the power of the Holy Spirit in service of the Church and for the salvation of the world.

Father, they are to give their live in your service and for the salvation of your people as they strive to grow in the likeness of Christ and honor you by their courageous witness of faith and love. He who is “the head of the Church, his body, and is himself its savior” Eph.


He is not the sole possessor of the word; in its regard he is in debt to the People of God. In this situation, and also through it, God calls the believer – and first of all the Church – to ensure that “the Gospel of vocation and priesthood” expresses its perennial truth in the changing circumstances of life.

On the subject of evangelical poverty, the synod fathers gave a concise yet important description, presenting it as “the subjection of descarar goods to the supreme good of God and his kingdom. The Church, being by her very nature a “vocation,” is also a begetter and educator of vocations.


The ministry of priests is above all communion and a responsible and necessary cooperation with the bishop’s ministry, in concern for the universal Church and for the individual particular churches, for whose service they form with the bishop a single presbyterate.

Through her this vocation is brought to fulfillment. It is you who bring comfort to people and guide them in difficult moments in their lives. At the same time, the synod searched for forms of ongoing formation to provide realistic and effective means of support for priests in their spiritual life and ministry.

Within the presbyterate, this obedience is expressed in co – responsibility regarding directions to be taken and choices to be made.

pastorse The internal principle, the force which animates and guides the spiritual life of the priest inasmuch as he is configured to Christ the head and shepherd, is pastoral charity, as a participation in Jesus Christ’s own pastoral charity, a gift freely bestowed by the Holy Spirit and likewise a task and a call which demand a free and committed response on the part of the priest.

Likewise, faced with the difficulties xescargar contemporary culture and society, they feel compelled to re – examine their way of life and their pastoral priorities, and they are more and more aware of their need for ongoing formation.

Finally, because their role and task within the Church do not replace but promote the baptismal priesthood of the entire People of God, leading it to its full ecclesial realization, priests have cobis positive and helping relationship to the laity.