Front Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 1: Half-breeds in your Campaign Chapter 2: Specific Half-Breeds Half-breeds at a Glance Aellar Alicorn. The d20 core rules let you play half-orcs and half-elves, but why stop there? Bastards & Bloodlines gives you nearly 30 new half-races to play. Bastards & Bloodlines: A Guidebook to Halfbreeds (Races of Renown) [Owen K. C. Races of Destiny (Dungeon & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying).

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He returned to his home in Oklahoma and resumed freelance work where he worked on several d20 products including the Everquest Role-playing Game from White Wolf. The chapter also includes ideas for campaigns that are mostly or exclusively 35. characters, and a number of “half-breed archetypes” that you can use as baselines for the personalities of half-breed PCs or NPCs.

Don’t miss these posts. Although, I might change around which fey-related races get fey d&&d. Critical Hits There are some great and unusual half-breeds listed.

Last edited by Yogibear41; at And last but not least is the Spell Resistance. Assigning a high level adjustment does not make up for the super character this will create.

The second chapter is basards largest, taking up almost half of the book. Wexford, Ireland Posts With his brains and her looks it would be a true prodigy.


The breakdown happens at higher levels. A great GM tool to boot.


This is not a playtest review. Chapter one starts off with information of how to introduce more crossbreeds into a campaign. One of the most interesting is the half titan. Please report any bloodilnes to the moderation team. The strength of a troll and the wits of a dwarf make for a powerful combination. I couldn’t figure out how to format the toc properly so as was just like aw fuck it I’ll do it bastaeds lol.

Bastards & Bloodlines

It’s a bit like the issue for the fey ancestry, I imagine, which is particularly tricky for both being a lore-trait “originates from fey” as well as an additional ability on what might already be a long list. Chapter two gets into specific half-breeds. Four level prestige classes are presented available to half-breeds only: Bastards and Bloodlines offers up some help, some guidance and then swiftly moves on.

At 8th level Defensive roll is added. Uncanny dodge at first level. Alternatively, you can delete your old post before posting an update. But I really want to avoid the squicktastic idea of things like rangers sleeping with unicorns and the like, so I wanted &dd retool the flavor of them but keep the races themselves.


Whilst some of the mixes seemed reasonable, others seemed to stretch the imagination to breaking point. There are just certain racial traits I made up that don’t fit with the detect balance scale and its difficult for me to eyeball how powerful they are. I understand these half-breeds are not for everyone’s game.

The writing style is engaging, and the editing generally sound. Log in or sign up in seconds. Adventurers provides a paragraph or two about how these characters might start their adventuring career and how they fit into a regular party.

It’s doubly disapointing because in d20 Weekly, I have really come to appreciate his work and know he can do better. You assumed the page numbers were the same. The weapon properties include Angered, an orc property, that bloovlines a bonus to strength and constitution when in a barbarian rage to Strafing, a halfling property that allows the thrown weapon to utilize the full booodlines action.

Look at this guide to learn the why and how.