Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: El ladron de cuerpos – anne rice (crónicas vampíricas iv). : EL LADRON DE CUERPOS. CRONICAS VAMPIRICAS 4 ( ) by RICE ANNE and a great Book Description Mar 04, : El ladrón de cuerpos () and a great selection of Ladron de Cuerpos, El (Crónicas vampíricas / Vampire.

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I loved Lestat for loivng Mojo. Once again everyone tells Lestat not to even entertain the notion. Definitely one of the better sequels I’ve read so far in the series. Lestat returns, in this the fourth novel in the Vampire Chronicles. He has befriended David Talbot, of the Talamasca, and constantly offers the old man the Dark Gift, which he always refuses.

That would be hilarious. This is okay and has an interesting premise. He comes across a mysterious spirit — a body thief — cuerpo allows him to trade places with a human man. Oct 10, Raquel rated it liked it. So why would anyone read this and think it’s awesome?

El ladrón de cuerpos (Crónicas Vampíricas 4) by Anne Rice on Apple Books

I am the Vampire Lestat. I’ve read a great deal about your weeping in the pages of your books but I’ve never seen you weep with my own eyes. I wanted to see him covorting around, just being him! The plot was slow really slow for a while in the beginningfampiricas writing was a bit odd with the flashbacks and characters telling long stories to one another, but I’m invested in the characters, and that’s why I can’t stop reading this series.


Lestat immediately finds out being a squishy human again is HORRIBLE and tries to become a vampire again–only to go to Louis, the worst possible candidate for turning someone. Pero juz Leer sobre vamipricas no es una nueva moda.

El ladrón de cuerpos (Crónicas Vampíricas 4)

If you want to read one book out of the entire series, this should be the one you check out. Mojo is the best And then I listened to this audiobook. This book made me realize how incredibly awful it really is to be human. And I don’t even care how unhealthy it would be, I just want to see them together, quarrels and vamplricas

So, being Lestat he goes. When the Body Thief the guy he’s traded with promptly disappears which, of course he was going to Lestat, you bloody idiot Lestat finds it more a nightmare than a dream being stuck in such a fragile body and starts a desperate search for the fiend so he can recover his own and wreak revenge.

As one expects, everything does not go as plan, and Lestat has to try and get himself out of the dangerous position he has put himself in.

I am a little bit apprehensive about the next one, being Memnoch the Devil, given some of the reviews which I have read on here, but I am still going to give it a bash. You know, the movie before everything completely goes to hell. You weren’t human when you were alive! This book is very good. I could even tolerate Louis even though I still don’t like him, and he’s a dick for most of the book. Refresh and try again.

I loved that I met my dear dear Louie, the vampire, once again.

The Tale of the Body Thief

Is he being lured in under false pretenses? For centuries, Lestat—vampire-hero, enchanter, seducer of mortals—has been a courted prince in the dark and flourishing universe of the living dead. I enjoyed the book in the end, although I could’ve done without all the slowness at the beginning.


And in his overwhelming need to destroy vampieicas doubts and h In a gripping feat of storytelling, Anne Rice continues the extraordinary Vampire Chronicles that began with the now-classic Interview with the Vampire.

Seriously I loved this book. Throughout their time together in Interview, Lestat always thought he knew what was best for Louis, but in this book, when Louis decided he knew cerpos was best for Lestat refusing to turn him when he was stuck in the human bodywhen Louis had the upper hand, Lestat didn’t like that at all.

The Vampire Chronicles 4.

I remember when reading The Queen of the Damned I was getting sick of the flashbacks and origin stories Lestat de Lioncourt is front and center through all of it; the reader gets to, finally, see him fall, and seek redemption.

Someone has tricked Lestat into switching bodies, so Lestat becomes a mere human. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Lestat’s rediscovery of human life, although it made being human suddenly seem disgusting to me, and made me, much like Lestat, wish to be the immortal undead.