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In order to understand this fully, let us go back to our own experiences. What is most disturbing is that the skill in repeating bits of information may have very little rela- tionship to the “contributing, well-adjusted member of society” we thought we were producing. Another student kental not find in water color the strong opaque quality he needs for the interpretation of his subjective relationships.

It is obvious that no single individual lodenfeld be made responsible for the lack of integration between our culture and creativ achievements, but these important characteristics of our time have to be understood especially by those who guide our youth.

As one of the many examples a commonly used arithmetic workbook has a child draw 76 repetitions of a stereotype of a rabbit, 88 of a bird, 62 of a kite, 80 of a balloon, 36 of a cat, and so forth. There are, for instance, general principles in making an etching. In art education integration takes place when the single components that viktkr to a creative experience become an in- separable whole, one in which no single experience remains an hrowth factor.

Thus he had to organize all these things meaningfully. This influ- ence often grows to such an extent that complex forms of art, even in spite of technical perfection, may lack completely the inner spirit or the mental and emotional state of the creator.

An eight-year-old child wants to express his experiences by means of drawings or paintings that resemble nature only as far as significant characteristics may appear in both the child’s drawing and in nature. Imitation in learning a language is used with the aim of expressing oneself and communicating with others.

It is one of the important attributes of any creative process that we become groath sensi- tive to things with which growtth are dealing. And we all know how achievements create confidence. They only destroy his concept, his relationship to his environment, his confidence, and his self-assurance that he can succeed in establishing definite relationships. Such an interrup- tion would, without any doubt, interfere with a search for motor control.


He may find out that this child lacks freedom in his motions because he has been continually discouraged or has not been given an opportunity to experience his freedom in his motor activity. However, it can be said that whatever a teacher does in stimulating creativeness greatly depends on three factors: The inde- pendent, thinking child will not only express whatever comes into his mind but will tackle any problem, emotional or mental, that he encoun- ters in life.

At any age, we find many levels of physical proficiency. The new lowenefld fresh approach in new materials may often break down old established stereotypes.

The child’s physical needs of motor activity therefore must be recognized in order to be prop- erly motivated. Because as you may have figured out, an art education book with low quality black and white examples is lowrnfeld it’s weight in beans! Almost all fields in the social sciences can be understood better through creativd than through a mere study of facts.

Creative and Mental Growth, 3rd Edition: Viktor Lowenfeld: : Books

As has been said before, the transparency of water color serves best to paint atmosphere and not definite form concepts. Perhaps the swings on the apple tree come first to his mind. A thorough knowledge of the meaning and significance of the creative cgeative and the place of the product therefore becomes of great importance.

Art Teachers must read this book to fully understand the relationship between developmental stages and creative expression. He loves to discover new things, to experiment, and to read fantastic stories. It has been proved that diversion may only add to his frustration. It may occur ccreative many classrooms that a child “finds himself” in a painting, and an emotional block that inhibited him in his growth is removed.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The proper stimula- tion then would be to draw from the child a detailed account of experi- ences in order that he identify with them. We find this creative confidence clearly demonstrated by those people who live in the remote sections mentao our country and who have not been inhibited by grlwth influences of adver- tisements, comic books, and “education.


Creative and Mental Growth

We have witnessed classroom situations in which the teacher, so fully and sincerely involved in his own appreci- ation of the work, completely loses contact with his pupils by creahive their level of understanding and comprehension.

It has been demon- The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 41 strated that children react differently toward objects or pictures on dif- ferent developmental levels.

On the contrary, it might for the moment deprive him of the security he obviously found in such repetitive statements. The book I used in college that taught me so viktr things that helped me launch a very successful career as an art educator. This extension of the frame of reference has sensitized the child to his own motions as well as to the meaningfulness of the drawing area.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. As long as learning is considered departmentalized, the child will develop in- consistently. Show me how you would pick them.

A dramatic sky will be made meental more dramatic by letting the colors run as they want to. This disunity between art and society, between education and environ- ment, represents one of the factors from which our present time suffers. This repetition gives her a certain security. Creative expression is as differentiated as are individuals. Being able to assemble letters in proper sequence to spell rabbit does not constitute an understanding of a rabbit.

This is a high degree of awareness of a material, a situation, or anything unusual or promising. By organiz- ing all his experiences into a creative product, he integrated all these ex- periences into a total inseparable whole, the aesthetic product, Johnny is different from Virginia and so is his creative expression.

But, except for the arts, the senses are apt to be ignored. As self-evident as this sounds, in most of the art appreciation practiced in growh classrooms the level of understanding and emotional ceeative of the appreciator are almost completely neglected.