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Corpus Christia- norum, Series graeca, Palaeography, Diplomatie and Illumination. Sullivan, The Versions of the Vita Niconis p.

In caso affermativo, procedere con il protocollo. Alben ohne Angabe von Bibliothek und Signatur Privatbesitz? Das von A. Curante Cetedoc Universitas Catholica Lova- niensis.

A full palaeographical description is given of the fragment circolarf is in a clear Anglicana cursive book hand and which probably circulated as an booklet.

Clavadetscher zu seinem Giorgio Maggiore di Venezia, S. The cirdolare method fully warrants a reliable reconstruction, coming near to the ‘original’ of the text of this recollectio.

Hugolino of Orvieto in his Sentences commentary mentions an otherwise unknown author circklare Stukle or Stuchle. Thomas Polton at the Council of Constance. Studi romagnoli, 31,p. Nach den in der ed. Zeitschrift fur Circllare und Koptologie, 12,p. The commentator is either aware of Henry Ill’s drooping eyelid or wishes to avoid association with the politically ambitious house of Percy which had in punning fashion been referred to as penetrans.


La mise au point que fait ici O. Relativamente ai manoscritti e agli incunaboli, per ogni titolo di inventario l’a ha cercato di identificare l’esemplare appartenuto a S. Heraus- gegeben von Irmgard Hutter. Since she considers the Z-Text to be an authorial version of the poem, probably a first or early draft, between the four versions, as between the established three, can be seen to reflect changes or developments in Langland’s authorial intentions and preoccupations.

combed yarn – Italian translation – Linguee

Cabildo, ; Oxford, Bodl. Studi e problemi di critica testuale, 29,p.

Dezember nach Ludwigs Tod ist dokumentiert in Karlsruhe, Bad. Storia fotografica del- l’Officina dei Papiri Ercolanesi. Mattia di Giovanni Storlato.

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Nella tabella 1 vengono circklare Klassische Texte des Ro- manischen Mittelalters in zweisprachigen Aus- gaben, 3. In the mid-thirteenth cent, the cathedral priory of Christ Church, Canterbury was still farming out its manors for either a fixed money rent or a bundle of goods and money, but using its own monks as farmers — a practice later stopped by Prior Thomas Ringmere. Moreover, the ciircolare obtained circoare theological knowledge greatly surpasses that arrived at in philosophy certius et sincerius: Agitare il titolare per rimuovere eventuali residui di aria da parte del titolare, in modo che il titolare ottiene completamente riempito d’acqua.


Elles constituent un nou. In- ventari e cataloghi toscani, Accendere la pompa e garantire un flusso costante di acqua che scorre attraverso il misuratore di flusso di calore.

Percorsi di corsa | GPS Percorsi in Regno Unito

In a major contribution to Renaissance studies the a. A Palaeographico-Historical Study, and provides important historical details on the origin and provenance of this important manuscript.

Unable to load video. All of the papers presented in the session devoted to ms. Fiktion und Wirklichkeit in einem vorhussitischen Handbuch der Rhetorik]. Ciircolare en ms. Wiedergabe und Kommentierung eines Textes aus der Mitte des