1: I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks. Is this during the initial mesh. Hello, I’m here to ask for help. I have program for terrain editing, but I went into one problem I can’t solve. Between each chunk is crack, how to. Hi I am trying to implement chunked lod for a while now and I am not successful so far. I read the paper about chunked lod and understood the.

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How does he ensure that or does he just assume that it is like that for simplicity?

You can use the search functionality to find what I have written keyword VTF I must admit however that it had quite some sarcasm in it, in retrospect, that was an error by my side. Sign up or log in Sign chunekd using Google. Guiber, you are right! Getting Started Advanced Search.

What is your GameDev Story? If you can live with this uncertainty you almost always canyou are done.

I have 4×4 field with class MapChunk. As I said I am very new to terrain rendering stuff so it is hard for me to compare a lot of techniques because I don’t know most of them yet but I think the best advantage of this over chunked lod is you don’t have to worry dhunked cracks.


terrain – Demystifying “chunked level of detail” – Game Development Stack Exchange

Email Required, but never shown. Sign In Sign Up. Depending on your platform, just the call overhead of having a few thousand terrain-chunks perform their own update every frame can seriously impact performance.

What paper are you reading in particular? Chunks cracks Hello, I’m here to ask for help. Then you can do your GPU memory management in units of “chunks”. I have program for terrain editing, but I went into one problem I can’t solve.

Also there aren’t cnunked implementations of chunked lod other then his. For rendering, that texture gets chopped up into a 9-level quadtree where each node is an independent x jpeg-compressed image. You said most continuous LODs are outdated but this seemed good after running the code and seeing the results.

LOD chunked rendering

And for 3th question I was talking about chunked lod. However it’s only 1K x 1K, so it’s not difficult to deal with from a data-size point of view. I already listed three methods in my 1st message. If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us. Let’s back to the question. Adapting to spherical implementation Chunked LOD is traditionally implemented for a flat grid.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

I read something about skirts but I don’t know how to make them. The idea here is to use nested regular grids to keep high level of detail close to the camera and lower detail further away from the camera. Nothing of your message makes sense without pointing out the exact paper.


Cool stuff includes hardware mip-map generation, vertex-morphing using a Cg vertex program, etc. It chunkdd quite simple to add skirts. Let me be clear: Also you can download his code here. MapTile owns 16 MapChunk classes.

chunked lod – Graphics and GPU Programming –

I would recommend keeping the leaves relatively light-weight though. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host – UDP Issue. Graphics and GPU Programming.

Hm we don’t understand each other Whole map 4×4 chunks – Width: Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. When reading up about quadtree’s, Axis-aligned bounding box’s are mentioned a lot.

I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks. Yes I have no final control about hcunked vertices produced on GPU. Or you can mix-and-match.