Results 1 – 10 of Researcher. Bruno De Meulder. Keywords:Architecture, town and country planning, Architecture, interior design. In this essay Viviana d’Auria and Bruno De Meulder present a critical reading of the Volta River Project, a large-scale infrastructure project that. De Meulder is co-editor of the book series UFO: Explorations of Urbanism, published by Park Books, Bruno de Meulder. PORTADA · CONCURSO DE IDEAS.

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Everything, even the development and the protection of nature in the …. So far this theme has been conceived from an urban perspective. In his research by design he explores the quality and role of open space structures in West-European dispersed cities. Ndvr is a social enterprise that puts to use spatial and social expertise to increase the positive social impact of spatial projects.

Abstract For the last few years there has been a strong revival of interest in the African city across numerous disciplines, including anthropology, sociology and urban history. Vision Staff Research Collaboration. He is founding co-partner of WIT architects — an office that prefers to work on the in-between scale of the urban project: Abstract OASE 96 examines the remarkable revival of architectural practices that focus on reuse and appropriation of buildings, environments and materials.

Notes on the Shopping Malls of Manado, Indonesia. Besides this he published poems, philosophical columns, statements, pamphlets and opinion pieces in newspapers nruno on online. Bruno De Meulder studied civil engineering-architecture at the Department of Architecture, KU Leuven Belgiumwhere he also obtained his doctoral degree, and where today he teaches urbanism its history, theory and practice. As a designer his research-by-design approach has been applied ito different contexts, including collaboration with meuldrr urban design studios from the MaHS-MaUSP program; and in international design workshops.


He holds the chair of urban design at Eindhoven University of Technology the Netherlands.

Since the mids, when Rem …. His teaching takes place through urban design studios that he also cherishes in research and practice. Faculty staff Guest lecturers. Explorations of Urbanism Zurich, Park Books and publishes regularly on issues of urbanism in the postindustrial and postcolonial era.

Journal for Architecture and Journal of Landscape Architecture. In such instances, the bruni.

Scuola: Bruno De Meulder

Matteo Motti is an architect and urban designer. She is co-editor of Water Urbanisms and Human Settlements: Kelly is co-editor of the book series UFO: She meuldsr this office work with design studio teaching at KULeuven. Hilde Heynen is a professor of architectural theory meulde the University of Leuven, Belgium. Arbeid, kapitaal en rasveredeling in de koloniale planning and Kuvuande Mbote.

Een eeuw koloniale architectuur en stedenbouw in Kongo New Settlements between Tradition and Transition. As a researcher, Pieter focuses on the social construction of planning instruments and systems, territorial development through social innovation and critical institutionalism.

Abstract OASE 63 is devoted to the development of the countryside. He published some meuder books: Guido Geenen graduated as an engineer architect at the University of Leuven, where he is now associate professor in charge of the architectural design within the master option urban project. His latest books in English: Lieven De Cauter is a Belgian philosopher, art historian, writer and activist. Her teaching, research and practice engages numerous contexts primarily in the public sector, focused on the development of robust landscape structures gruno a form of resilience to deal with contemporary design challenges at the territorial and urban design scales.

She pursues an architectural design and bbruno practice that are rooted in socio-cultural, economical, spatial and territorial explorations. His main focus is on public space, typology-morphology, future explorations, and design theory related to innovation by analysis and design, considering user involvement as a goal and as an instrument.


He is currently engaged in doctoral research that explores therelation between forest and urbanisation within the field of Landscape Urbanism. To what extent can and will designers engage in …. Naturally, his work for OASE is also shown extensively in this exhibition. Her research focuses on issues of modernity, modernism and gender in architecture. She has extensive concept design, public space design, and strategic planning experience.

Bruno De Meulder

His research interests are grounded in the will to enhance the spatial qualities of man-made environments. On the City of Man in the Age of Disaster He is currently working on an international oeuvre engaging with dispersed urbanism and what Dennis Cosgrove labeled promiscuous territories.

Her design research is at the intersection of interpretative mapping, projective cartography, urbanism and landscape. Seppe’s doctoral research focuses on the changing position of urban planning in neighborhood redevelopment. Stefanie bruni in the power brjno beauty of a well-crafted design. The Volta River Project. Stefanie Dens has a background in civil engineering-architecture and brun projects. Abstract In the past few decades, there has been a process of de-institutionalization of the housing production in European countries with a strong social-democratic tradition.

Bruno De Meulder | Research Portal

Seppe De Blust is trained in sociology and spatial planning. Her action-based research by design looks to the North Quarter of Brussels as the experimental scale.

She is now a Research Associate at Meulddr. He is an editor of OASE. Jan Schreurs is trained in architecture, urbanism and spatial planning. Pieter Van den Broeck is trained in architecture, urbanism and spatial planning. Read all about it in the flyer.