Have you ever wondered why China and Taiwan use two different forms of Mandarin? What is the difference between Pinyin and Zhuyin?. Using the Windows 10 MS Bopomofo or MS Pinyin keyboards for Hanyu Pinyin input of Traditional Chinese. When you’re learning Chinese in school or university, you will most likely first learn some form of Pinyin for a period of time before progressing.

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CE Old Hungarian c. If only that were true!

Bopomofo Unicode block and Bopomofo Extended Unicode block. I only found out about zhuyin recently and have never thought of using it my self. Note that the need for a type writer style keyboard for entering information into a computer is slowly become outdated.

The Case for Zhuyin

However, I pintin it quite hard to imagine that many foreign learners would appreciate zhuyin as they do with pinyin. Chinese study posters for marking your progress. By then, I was interested in why foreigns choose Taiwan to study Chinese instead of China. Free download on mobile app and PC Software. Consider the following text:.

BoPoMoFo is difficult at first, and therefore it weeds out the lazier folk who perhaps were not quite as interested in the language as they thought. Hakka Transliteration Scheme Hagfa Pinyim. With zhuyin, westerners often tend to stay bopomlfo on the characters until vopomofo hit one they truly need help with… and then they look at the zhuyin beside it. I would love to learn it, simply because I enjoy writing characters over letters and words.

Compare the Shuowen pinyij. It seems you and that German student have something in common when learning Chinese. Any ideas on specifically learning the tones would be appreciated. Books from pre-school all the way through middle school are annotated with Zhuyin.


Again, resulting in the Chinese being ignored or overlooked unless the read specifically diverts their attention to it:. That is, unless you plan to use the Touch Keyboard for Zhuyin Fuhao input.

This article contains IPA phonetic symbols. I learned both at approximately the same time.

I hope this post helps somebody because I never heard it mentioned: Z bopokofo Pinyin is totally different than the z in English. It will not let me use the “split keys” keyboard, because that is only for devices with a touch screen.

I would be surprised to see them write words out in zhuyin and if you have examples I would be interested. Pinyin being obtrusive is definitely my experience v basic learner piniyn not only attracting the eye away from the Hanzi but, pniyin Mark says in his comment, conditioning how I think of the sounds; even perhaps how I process what I hear.

CE Greek 8 c. Additionally, one children’s newspaper in Taiwan, the Mandarin Daily Newsannotates all articles with Zhuyin ruby characters. October Learn how and when to remove this bopomoco message. TaiwaneseAmoy and related. It offers the ability to enter Pinyin with or without tone numbers and phrase association, and includes tools like the IME Pad for lookup by radical and stroke count.

BCE Proto-Sinaitic 19 c. The zhuyin debate is always a fun one, with merits all around.

Learning Chinese – Pinyin or Zhuyin? – Chinese Hacks

This section does not cite any sources. I wonder if maybe by consciously avoiding learning, you were blind to the annotations around you?

BCE Paleo-Hebrew 10 c. Most pinyin material is from China, and their main thrust in the past has been to teach Chinese English, not foreigners Chinese Mandarin. If you do not see that button, right-click on the taskbar or on a touch screen, long-press and releaseand in the menu that pops up, select “Show touch keyboard button”: This article contains ruby annotation.


If you’re using the classic desktop language bar on the taskbar which I explain how to set up on the advanced features page:. Select the option circled here for the pinyyin virtual keyboard with Latin and Zhuyin keys. In elementary school, particularly in the lower years, Chinese characters in textbooks are often annotated with Zhuyin as ruby characters as an aid to learning.

I read about famous stories from the 3 kingdoms era, European scientists such as Faraday, and a boplmofo of stuff that was both interesting and well written. Zhuyin vs Pinyin Since returning from China a short period spent in Taiwan I spent over two years on and off between work etc.

BCE Pahlavi 3 c. Anyone that already knows some Chinese but plans to move to Taiwan for more than a month or two should learn zhuyin. Mei-Mei, I think it comes down to the learner, and what suits them better. As shown in the following table, tone marks for the second, third, and fourth tones are shared between bopomofo and pinyin.

But if ponyin, you’ll have to go back up to the previous instructions for the new Settings panels.