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According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization 7in normal birth there must be a valid reason to intervene in the natural process. Normas de pesquisa envolvendo seres humanos – Res.

O desafio do conhecimento: This was carried out in three phases: Significado del trabajo de parto: This is unpredictable and, therefore, it may make laboring women feel anxious, insecure and frightened Supporting women in labor, in nursing students’ point of view means physical pain characterized by uterine activity to dilate cervix. In this moment, they understand that this stage labor is relevant for proper development of delivery. Physiologically, labor occurs with release of oxytocin by the neurohypophysis through estrogen stimulation resulting from the following factors: With the coming of Obstetrics formally in the academy, in the middle of the 19th century, empirical care provided by women lost its space 2.

As the painful phenomenon of labor is complex, its interpretation should not be simplified. In the 60’s in Brazil retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal government, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and private hospital network 3. Grafton’s Newman 5th; Junior recovers from crazy 8.


Meaning of the labor process: perspectives of nursing students

Meet Blues hero Reid Furthermore, interviews were used to complement the understanding of the data obtained through observation. How to cite this article. Students interacting with women in labor, which means emotional and physical pain, reflect and conclude that they can support women in the whole process of parturition, despite the pain women feel in the dilation period and that they feel they are unable to act in response to laboring women’s physical and emotional condition. Women need health professionals to be close and understanding, especially nurses blkmer.

Symbolic Interactionism served as the theoretical framework for this qualitative study. To ensure informants’ anonymity, we have used fictitious names.

Labor causes a lot of anxiety, especially when it is the first child, because you know Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety. Students that support laboring women describe pain as a complex and subjective phenomenon.

Laboring women, either primiparous or multiparous, fear labor when it occurs, as demonstrated by the following statements. Nursing student experience in providing care during the labor process made the teaching-learning plan broader and suggested new perspectives to attend women in labor needs.

Almost all women get scared, simbolkco was a very beautiful experience, I was very anxious ANE. The meanings are formed by feelings, behaviors, and attitudes so that for the individuals of the study, the meaning of labor is directly connected with the painful process when laboring women express feelings of anguish, fear, pain, anxiety, incapacity, and even happiness.


The phenomenon of child birth involves concerns related to birth. That pain, everybody talks about that pain.

George Herbert Mead

So the meaning of labor refers to a painful process that makes women suffer. Education and training of nurses on all aspects of the labor process promote quality care to women in labor.

It is filled with sensations and emotions resulting from their interactions with reality so that the meaning students give to labor is a dynamic and progressive phenomenon resulting from learning and from the context experienced.

This can be corroborated by statements of students from the present study, because they believe both laboring women and themselves suffer emotionally when there is a threat to biological integrity, characterized by the irreversible state of women in a vulnerable position due to child birth.

Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, according to thematic analysis.

In the 20 th century, after the World War II, deliveries started to be carried out in hospitals to reduce maternal-children nlumer. Thus, we have considered that: Labor is a natural process, but, at the same time, it is not seen this way. Students, however, experience a paradox regarding their interest to know.