About 30 years separate the two products, so the technologies involved in BASEEPS are radically different, and so is the way it works. With a hands-on. BASEeps provides a full range of functionality to support payment transactions – both the traditional transactions that institutions manage. This edition applies to ACI Worldwide’s BASEeps version product. Key architectural choices for implementing BASEeps for Smart Bank.

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Authorization parameters can be customized easily through sophisticated routing and script-driven processing.

Know the most common interfaces, what makes the different from one another and why. BASEatm is an EFT processing and switching system that provides ATM support and management including transaction routing and authorization, electronic data interchangesettlementreporting, network control, and stored-value card functionality.

From there, you can explore yourself.

With the proper instructions and help, anyone that has experience with operating computers can get stated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The software can also be used to upgrade legacy ATM and POS systems, adding support for new epd such as smart card programs and electronic check processing. View all solutions from this partner.

Base244 is why we will guide you on the main path at first, so you can find your way around. Please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. First, our market leadership.


Tab navigation Solution overview Solution details. ISO logger When you want a simple parser of Iso messages, fully configurable in terms of message format, Iso logger is the solution.

BASE24 classic vs BASEeps – Consulting – Base24 World

It also has an ACI Commerce Gateway component which serves as a firewall between internal servers and the Internet or other nase24 networks. A very easy to use simulator, a transaction logger, a message converter and brand new web services integration.

This experience showed us the need for better, easier to use, and especially cheaper, easier to maintain software. The breadth of the product, the speed with which we can help respond to new demand, epw the proven stability, scalability and availability of the platform make BASEeps the preferred choice for EFT. New services can be offered quickly, cutting overall go-to-market costs. BASEpos is a data integrity support application. Is so easy to customize, you will need hours to implement changes or mandates, not days or weeks.

Over 25 years of experience brings a depth of industry expertise that is unmatched in the industry. From zero experience in payments to operational is not a short or easy way, but it is not a lifetime of learning either.

What makes ACI Worldwide stand out in the market?

It still is not a world where you can just learn your way around by reading documentation, but the ease of use of the newer product can be noticed.


For the number system, see Base Retrieved 16 Jun BASEeps is an integrated e-payment processing engine that provides application software to acquire and authenticate, route, switch and authorize transactions, regardless of the channel in which they originate. Use the ‘Contact us’ link or one of the other links for help epps.

It is supported by HP NonStop servers. Retrieved 1 Sep Contact information Carl Gustin Request information. The live chat service is normally available weekdays 8am-8pm Eastern Time. Understand the product, understand what it does, understand what makes it good for what it does and most importantly – how it works. Anyone can be taught From bass24 experience in payments to operational is not a short or easy way, but it is not a lifetime of learning either.

Global Solutions Directory Legal.

BASE24-eps 2.2.1

With nearly 50 percent of the US market and similar share in most worldwide markets, ACI Worldwide is the recognized leader in processing electronic transactions. We worked on developing, testing, configuring and maintaining payments software. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. It is used to acquire, authenticate, route, switch, and authorize financial transactions across multiple channels.

With a hands-on approach we can help you find your way around it.