Find out the causes of male infertility and azoospermia from the experts at Center for Male Reproductive Medicine & Vasectomy Reversal in Los Angeles. La azoospermia y la criptozoospermia son enfermedades relativamente comunes entre los varones, teniendo que recurrir a tratamientos de reproducción . Download Citation on ResearchGate | Casos clínicos de esterilidad secundaria por azoospermia obstructiva subsidiaria de reparación quirúrgica | Secondary.

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Asthenozoo spermia – reduced sperm motility. High heterogeneity for cystitis fibrosis in hispanish familes: Single obatructiva polymorphisms in two of these genes TEX11 and MLH3 were found to be associated with male infertility involving azoospermy or oligospermia.

Who asks for vasectomy reversal and why BMJ, ; Testicular sperm extraction and intracytoplasmatic sperm inyection.: Schedule Consultation Contact Us.

Genetic testing may be of interest and recommended in some cases suspected Cystic Fibrosis, karyotype, microdeletions of the Y chromosome, etc. Hum Reprod ; 15, Not all cases of male infertility or azoospermia no sperm in the ejaculate are the same or should be treated in the same way.

Among the biggest drug-related causes of NOA are testosterone and other anabolic steroids.

Infertility in men with cystic fibrosis. Its use and limitations. Views Read Edit View history. Overwhelming Oxidative Stress causes sperm damage There are numerous causes of male infertility but no matter what the etiology, the final common pathway to sperm damage DNA fragmentation is through free radical peroxidation leading to overwhelming amounts of oxidative azoispermia on the sperm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The causes can be genetic, congenital or acquired.


The investigation includes a history, a physical examination including a thorough evaluation of the scrotum and testes, laboratory tests, and possibly imaging. This diagnosis should be based on at least two semen samples with a gap between them of about 4 weeks. In this situation there is a problem in the development of sperm during the maturation phase that causes the testicle to fill with only precursor sperm. In practice, we distinguish two types of azoospermia: Azoospermia is the medical condition of a man whose semen contains no sperm.

J endocrinol Invest ; Ejaculatory disorders include retrograde ejaculation and anejaculation ; in these conditions sperm are produced but not expelled. Watch this video to learn more about vasectomy and vasectomy reversal. Causes of Obstructive Azoospermia Causes of obstructive azoospermia can be genetic, congenital, or acquired. This is more common in pediatric patients because the reproductive tract is so small in children. This level is often so low that the sperm never make it all the way out of the testicle and can only be found inside the testicle during surgery.

Pre- and post-testicular azoospermia are frequently correctible, while testicular azoospermia is usually permanent. Some causes can be treated effectively and others can be bypassed to allow a man to father a child with IVF.


April 29, at 6: Azoospermia can be divided into two broad categories: Genetic counselling is indicated for men with genetic causes of azoospermia. Screening for AZF delection in a large series of severly impaired spermatogenesis patients. Teratozoo spermia – sperm with szoospermia morphology. Prevalence of Y chromosome microdelections in oligospermic and azoospermic candidates for intracytoplasmic sperm inyection.

  AFMAN 36-2203 PDF

micro-TESE: más esperanzas para pacientes con azoospermia

Tiepolo L, Zuffardi O. Review of our results during the last 5 years. Screening for deletions of the Y chromosome involving the DAZ Deleted in Azoospermia gene in azoospermia and severe oligozoospermias. A common single nucleotide polymorphism in BRCA2 is associated with idiopathic male infertility with azoospermia. Since we now have a much better understanding of the mechanisms of sperm damage and locations in the reproductive tract where damage may occur, more sophisticated functional tests to identify problems have been developed and the information can be applied to statistically predict patient outcomes.

The incidence and possible relevance of Y-linked microdelection in babies borm after intracytoplasmic sperm inyection and their infertile fathers. An updated systematic review and collaborative meta-analysis”. If it is necessary, a testicular biopsy can be performed to obtain testicular sperm. This protocol will depend on the initial assessment and FSH levels.

Br J Urol Int ; Mast cells releasing inflammatory mediators appear to directly suppress sperm motility in a potentially reversible manner, and may be a common pathophysiological mechanism for many causes leading to inflammation. International Journal of Urology. International Journal of Andrology.

Respectived effects of follicle-stimulating hormona and testosterone on meiosis, spermiogenesis, and sertoli cell apoptosis.

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