Le Latin Sans Peine (French and Latin Edition) (French Edition) [Assimil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Assimil method for teaching. Le Latin Collection Sans Peine livre – Latin for French speakers (Latin Edition) [ Isabelle Ducos-Filippi, Assimil] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. First, this is a course in French. If you cannot read/write French, then unfortunately, this is not for you. Assimil’s courses are typically full of audio and light on.

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On a related note, I used the Desessard method when I followed the online Latin course developed by a person called A. Please provide context for whatever you are asking to translateas a single phrase may have many different translations depending on its context.

Textkit Greek and Latin Forums

The political slant of some of the writing on the Grex has dismayed me, and I know others here on textkit have voiced similar views in the past, when discussing the Grex. Want axsimil add to the discussion?

As a supplement to prepare for conversation Le Latin Sans Peine bookaudio is not bad. Quid des enregistrements audio?

As far as I know, at present, there is no way to follow up a thread of comments by email or any other means.

You can correct your grammar as you go, and talk about your latin, in latin, in real time. I think it is a great pity the GREX uses a listserve, as it creates a generation gap, as younger internet users do not even know what one is. Pour finir, une petite remarque au sujet des prix: By the way, according to Assimil all the new USB Packs come with the dark red layout but does anyone know about the books sold separately?


This was mostly due to the fact that in my native language, Sinhalese, all the simple vowels came as short and long pairs.

Assimil – Le Latin Sans Download ( Pages | Free )

It has only odd subscribers, despite having been online for many years. Sed ego ipse, cum apellabant rem aliquam et cum secundum eam vocem corpus a aliquid movebant videbam et tenebam hoc abl. Latin grammar is pretty complex, though, I’d be impressed it you figured it all out using Lingua Latina. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Latin, and more.

Nor can I peinr, relent, or I may be wrong. Check before you buy. Pas impossible que cela marche… mais encore faudrait-il faire le sondage. The method supplies progressively complex sentences along with just enough grammar to sanss the them.

Fortasse qssimil Latine proxima hieme tecum loquar – et gregem inspiciam. Thanks for your help.

Le Latin, apprendre le latin – Assimil

Has anyone ever learned latin using the Assimil product? Enfin mon attente prend fin! Have they been reprinted with the new colour scheme? It made a great difference. I think the reason Latin methods and grammars in French generally tend to ignore vowel length is at least partially lstin to the fact that French language does not make a marked distinction in vowel length.

The previous discussion between Interaxus and myself is to be found in the Adler Thread towards the end. By the way, can I convert cassette recordings to digital format?



And I believe, for most people including me, primary motivation to learn Latin is Classical Literature. I characterize this method is being “viva vox” or natural. Should I stop when I don’t completely undestand or keep going and just keep reviewing until it makes sense? It is the job of the student to repeat the sentences ad nauseum: Modo certior factus sum aans Ioanne Londineno alio in foro de novo coepto Aviti nostri Hispani illius Londinensis qui imagines moventes in rete fecit de methodo linguam Latinam docendi viva voce: Gratius Avitus at Schola Latina.

If you have a live practitioner on hand, that blows all forms of translation out of the water. Pour moi, cela rend ce livre quasiment inutile….

Need help with the translation? Kyneto, tu recumbis sub tegmine vitis disputans cum sodalibus magno ingenio aequalibus, ego eo obscurus, sola sub nocte, per vallem umbrae verborum.

Méthode quotidienne “Assimil”. Le latin sans peine

I am no expert on Latin methods in French, and although I can understand almost anything written in French, my knowledge on French language is not great. I have Lingua Latina, Familia Romana. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The guy has even provided his own audio recordings for the first 6 chapters the original recordings are naturally a tad more professional and employ male and female speakers. Right now mea verba constituerunt ut gelu acutum.

Thanks for your generous offer of peinf files.