All about Balta drobulė: romanas by Antanas Skema. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. By his death, Antanas Škėma also vindicated his belief that the absurd and a slave is Antanas Garšva in the novel The White Shroud (Balta drobulė, ). Editions for Balta drobulė: (published in ), (Mass Market Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Hardcover publish.

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Inhe left Lithuania for Germany, where he was involved in some artistic work with Lithuanian troupes, primarily in DP camps. The mighty creative fire of the Renaissance was lit when the long-suffering medieval slave of God stood up and proclaimed his desire to be human. Unsourced anranas may be challenged and removed.

I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. But to a poet, love is a hindrance — it provides a shelter, a home, protection from reality, whereas a poet should always remain vulnerable to it, since poetry is pain. Lord, help me at least baota my death. Jasper, topaz and chrysoprasus Shoot forth from between the twisted fingers. And he runs to the ladder, he climbs, he shouts hoarsely “God, my God, please show yourself!

As for the priest, he, too, is but a man who, if he were to obey the iron dictates of his calling, would betray humanity in himself as did that antanws priest, Antanas, when he forbade his sister to leave the monastery.

A man is an exile because his spark of divinity alienates him from the earth — his mother. Martynukas has a friend, Vaska, ananas wants to play a practical joke on “the dreamer” and tells him that if he would climb on the ladder, shout three times as loud as he can: Quite logically, therefore, the action baalta set on Christmas Eve.

All that was needed was to stand in the forest and to watch the snakes hugging the ground with their long bodies, see the toads observing the universe with balha concave eyes.

Ironically, also, the place is a mental hospital, described in such a way as to suggest that the whole world might really be nothing but a madhouse, waiting insanely for something that never did happen and never could.

Then the wheel of time turns; the second global catastrophe comes — it is war again. Since then, it had been translated and published in LatvianEnglish and German It resembles a torturous and prolonged dialogue with an baltq, silent God, whose presence reveals itself only in the suffering and ekema of man.


Golgotha is the falling of a burning airplane into dronule abyss, the cry of a four-year-old over mother’s corpse, the steps of a pregnant girl, the agony of a man under interrogation in a jail cell, the silence of the paralyzed in bed.

Lazy and sweets-loving bears. The Communist god here is quite different from that in The White Shroud ; but, in both instances, the essence of prayer is the same: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

His task is terrifying, but since it must be done, we are almost thankful to Skaidra for having taken upon himself this sin. Kostas has a brother, Antanas, who, like Abel in the Bible, represents the figure of light. Lord, Lord, into Your hands The very thorough background information and Lithuanian folk text translations and reference explanations in the footnotes were especially helpful in this anntanas edition published by Scotland’s Vagabond Voices who have been producing an excellent translation series with their Changelings imprint.

For this reason, the experience of tragedy in Skema’s works can never be described in human terms alone. Knowing his human limitations, he is therefore afraid of it. The terrible question that this priest must face in his hour of death is this: Most of the literary critics considered “The White Shroud” an interesting literary experiment that tried to lead the Lithuanian novel down a new path.

Ignas is a poet at heart because he thinks that love is holy — a communion of saints.

Although the synopsis for the book stresses its occasional stream-of-consciousness writing and somewhat experimental nature for its time ofit was not at all difficult to follow in terms of its two interweaving plotlines. If we were now to assume that Judas represents the principle of death, and Christ of love, we can see how, in a final paradox, their roles in the fate of mankind blend into one: References to this work on external resources.

The words turn into a scream, the steps conquer, they drag the woman on. A rebellion, we are told, is an effort to assert one’s human dignity. Good and evil will still remain clearly recognizable in the world, and it will be possible to play the Prince of Darkness without jeopardising one’s rights to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Antanas Škėma

Views Read Edit View history. The deeper his feeling, the greater the suffering. The stories might be said to have an epic dimension of their own, dribule it is an internal epic, not concerned with the enormous number and complexity of external events, or, rather, concerned only with their terrible meaning on the symbolic plane.

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The church is empty because Kostas had betrayed its parson, his father’s brother, to death. What he sees one night in the orchard might be shocking enough for any man, but for the poetic soul of Ignas it is the ultimate catastrophe and the end of the world: Ignas and Inga; like Caius and Caia in ecclesiastical terminology, signifying lovers in general.

A sweet and sticky smell emanates from the skeja made coffin, the horse can no longer stand the smell, gives the cart a sudden pull and starts running. They do not answer to the balga of a tragic hero as someone whose qualities elevate him far above his fellow men; and yet their lives, their passions and sufferings are comprehensible only in relation to an all-encompassing moral and antannas idea. His moral principles, turned monstrous balra the human quality of mercy, come to haunt him in the horrid nightmare of a toothless, idiotically grinning Madonna.

What we see is the face of humanity covered with dirt, sores and puss — a face waiting to be kissed by the Redeemer.

Literary Heritage of Antanas Skema – Rimvydas Silbajoris

The mother grasps her son’s head, sapphire and chalcedony, and chrysolite and sardonyx tear her stomach to pieces. A walk on Broadway thus becomes the road to Calvary, and every fact of existence contributes anranas the final agony of the Crucifixion. Pijus has accepted this ideology, not for its intrinsic values, but for the hypnotic force of its perfect logical design from which he hopes to derive his own personal perfection and invincibility. They do not succeed; the Soviet authorities catch them and execute all tree on the spot.

Ancient Balt, musical Balt, show me the tree to which you prayed.