II ADNOC HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT A Library of HSE Systems , Programs and Procedures will be maintained by. ADNOC E&S Division. HSE Manual Description. VIKING Emergency Training Drills. VIKING Planned Equipment and Facilities Controls. ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety (GOLDEN RULES OF work activities in line with requirements of respective HSE procedures & manuals.

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This situation is however often simplified by the level of detailed planning involved in the operation, resulting in all involved parties having a clear understanding of responsibilities and expectations.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety

No person will be expected to work a hour shift without a meal break taken away from their place of work. Isolation of energy systems shall proceed if: Before the operation commences the contractor must apply for approval from the Group Company department to use Scuba, quoting the particular code or standard to be utilized and submit a risk assessment.

They must be competent to provide the level of assistance that the diver expects and needs. Guidance on this subject exists. Search the history of manal billion web pages on the Internet.

For such diving a properly equipped wet bell must be used and the maximum depth must be limited to 75 m of water for 30 minutes. Diving Supervisors must also ensure that they understand the implications of any other limitations hae apply to vessels and deployment systems. The dive plan must specify that divers remain close to suitable recompression facilities for a set time following a dive [Ref.


The content of the examination and the format of the written record must be decided by the divers to confirm that they are fit to dive, and if they have taken any medication. Diving equipment is used under extreme conditions including frequent immersion in salt water.

If there is more than one company employing divers then there must be a written agreement he to which of these companies is in overall control. Diving should therefore be undertaken only by professional contractors, with scope of work, controls and deliverables required being managed by the Group Company. Canadian Category 3 Diver.

ADNOC 10 Golden Rules of Safety Pages 1 – 21 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Clearly the issue of competence is more subjective and the Diving Contractor needs to consider the operations being planned and the competence of any individual being considered for appointment as a Supervisor. Similarly, the longest period a diver will be asked to work, and only in exceptional circumstances, hes be 16 hours before being given 8 hours unbroken rest.

Simulations and analysis can provide good indications of the effect of currents but often currents are not constant even close to the seabed. Voice communications between other positions in the vessel, such as the dive control station position and the installation, must only be used if the installation is directly involved with the conduct of the dive, for example, by use of its crane.

Norwegian NPD surface diver.

There is no specific format that this document should take. The presence of man-made and natural petroleum products around oil fields can cloud optical lenses and may damage plastic materials. The management of a project must be clearly specified together with a defined chain of command. Work permits are only issued following a pre-task manula which includes: Closed bell diver certificates 1.


Particular care must be taken to ensure that they are regularly examined and maintained [Ref. A diver spending over two hours out of a closed bell must be offered the opportunity to return to the bell and remove their breathing apparatus for a drink or other refreshments.

Hose and cable runs must be protected from physical damage and must not cause a hazard to personnel.

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DSV A ship or other vessel with sufficient space whose primary role is the support of diving operations. Such reports must be attached and cross referenced in the main recommendation section. All of the equipment used in a diving operation will comply with at least these standards and suitable certificates or copies must be provided at the worksite for checking.

International Mast Head Lights Three shapes, placed in line vertically, minimum diameters two feet, equally spaced at two metres.

Full text of “ADNOC COPV 4 09( Ver 1)”

The lifting and lowering adonc must be rated by the manufacturer for a safe working load at least equal to the weight of the deployment device plus divers in air plus any additional components. Are references required and checked?

This must include relevant knots, slinging, correct use of shackles etc.